An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • There’s our handsome boy! I hope he didn’t have to wait too long.

  • ah yes, “dog as party trick” strikes again. Haven’t you tried Cranium yet?

  • hehehe we used to do that with our dog, too.

    nearly lost me a couple fingers with that trick.

    good chuck!

  • Lina

    Is that a Charley Bear treat Chuck is waiting on? My dog LOVES those!

    On second look, maybe it’s an oyster cracker.

  • ashik


  • kris

    I love his expression! Such intense concentration. I hope you were able to snap an action shot of him in mid-“chomp.”

  • minxlj

    I’ve tried to do that to my kittens, Lilo and Stitch (yes, seriously!) and they go totally nuts that I didn’t put the treat in their mouths. My life and house are officially ruled by them!
    Hurrah for lovable pets!

  • Such a good boy. Happy Chuck Friday!

  • Chuck Chuck Bo Buck
    Banana Fana Fo . . ..
    You are being way too good for a dawg.

  • jastereo

    Happy chuck friday… ruff!

  • Marvellous!

  • Murphy

    How did you teach him to do that? My dog is such a spaz she can “stay” but can’t keep her head down enough for us to put the treat on her nose. Maybe when she’s older…

    Happy Chuck Friday!

  • minxlj

    OMIGOD he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Chuck Friday!

  • maria

    he is just the best dog. i want to cuddle up with him and feed him lots of potato chips 🙂

  • I’m not a dog fan, but he looks so soft.


  • Nicole

    Mean…..but funny. Whooo hooo number 3 🙂

  • Dea

    fourth ain’t bad

  • hey, it’s Chuck friday again… have a wonderful weekend!

  • Patience!!! Wow.

  • beachgal

    Aww! Smart Dog!!!!! We love you Chuck!!!! Good Boy, Now EAT IT!

  • Chuck, Elvis Costello asked me to pass along this message:

    “It’s you, not just another mouth in the lipstick vogue
    It’s you, not just another mouth in the lipstick vogue
    Oh yeah”

  • Kathy

    Very cute!

  • Since, I don’t usually comment, I’ll get it all out at once.

    I LOVE Chuck Fridays. He’s the cutest dog.

    Leta is adorable, too. You guys are awesome parents and don’t let anyone tell you different.

    Utah…yeah, she scares me too but boy am I craving some Cafe Rio and mazurka. I’m tempted to fly down there and get some.

  • Teresa

    Leta is beautiful. Chuck is cute. Utah scares me.

  • Whoops! ADD one hour. You can’t blame me, it’s 5 am.

    I also fucking hate people who go to stores this early, which makes stores open at 6 am. Y’all suck. Now that really is all!

  • So next Friday we get to see Chuck in lipstick? I can’t WAIT!

  • Oh, Chuck. I love you, you rascal!

    Please look at the time. Then subtract one hour. I’m late for work. I fucking hate retail.

  • sam

    I’m just impressed that he can do tricks in front of other people. My dog knows tons of tricks, but he turns into a total spaz everytime I want him to do one in front of someone else!

  • Oh shit did you really just say that to Grandmommie.. You have some nerve that I have never quite experienced in my life.. I drink to you oh wise one….

  • I think my dog laughed at me.

  • AshleyP

    I wish I could get my dog to behave that well!!! Well Done Chuck, Well Done. And I know her bday was yesterday, but HAPPY BDAY LETA!!!

  • Michelle

    Hmm, I wonder how many people who saw this picture tried this with their own dogs at home. I have to say that I did, and umm, it didn’t work…

  • Girl A. a bit late in replying but thanks for the props on the spuriousness. Whatta Wookie.

    P.S. I feel the tequila (Patron silver is nice, cause I’m ghetto), but Ketel One makes me pay for valet parking.

  • Y’all are nuts… 😉

  • laugh, i always get messed up when i come here because of the time change. i think WOW, no one’s left a comment in 2 hours?! holyshit! what the hell’s going on.. and it takes me awhile.. because I’m slow like that. then it dawns on me..yeah.. word to big bird, yo!


  • kelc_in_OZ

    this old man he
    played nine
    he played knick-knack
    on *MY* line

  • Knick knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone…

  • lala

    Sometimes Leta looks a little sweaty in her pictures. Is she an energetic child or are you dressing her warmly against a fierce Utah winter?

  • Chuck is too cute.

  • Wow, Chuck’s got a boner named after him!

    Brings a li’l tear to mah eye. . .

  • Ahh Carol… I hear ya. Just got kids to bed and still listening to the plaintive cries…….

  • Dr J:
    How much wood could a wood cHUCK chuck……….

  • p.s. says the weary mother, happy birthday little leta a day late. and chuck.. you’re beautiful, lipstick or not.

  • From now on, whenever I sport wood, I’m going to say “I’m popping a Chuck.”

    It’s the least I can do.

  • I’m guessin’ poor Chuck’s rocket doesn’t get off the launch pad.

    I’m just *guessin’* here, folks.

  • hi. I’m tired. 2 hours of sleep last night. reading comments s l o w l y.
    but… hi.

  • So it’s the “rocket’s red glare” again?

    …bursting in air. Gave woof through the night.

  • The Star Wars Holiday Special


    Stomp Tokyo Video Review of Holiday Special


  • Well, the dog’s got his *own* durn lipstick.

  • Bucky,
    I *did* apply the lipstick.
    But not to the dog.

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