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  • Dang cold, thanks for the shout out. I’m here at home now. But on my way out the door. Hasta luego…

  • Damn it Spoony, I love you.

  • YAY! I saw the clip. Go Heather!!! And Leta!!! Now you can tell her she was on the news when she was only one year old!!!

  • Big Gay Sam

    # sue said at 04:52PM, 02.10.2005:

    Hands up who else yelled LETA! when she tipped her head up?

    Heather? you looked great too, but LETA!


    We all shouted her name in the office when she poked her head up. She’s so damn cute. :p

  • Dang Cold…

    bend over, I’ll get my shit kickers on.

  • Ern

    Thanks Dang cold, I think that’ll get me out the door 🙂

  • mg2

    What’s up, Susie? Nice camel toe. -Jerri Blank

  • Ern

    Hi everyone. I am so procrastinating right now. But at least I got to see the clip I missed last night!

    Seriously, I have been sitting here with my coat on and my books packed to go study…reading comments.

    Someone kick me in the pants!

  • thanks for posting the mpg xx

    Heather & Leta, now with added tv goodness.

  • Dang Cold…

    he is home..missed you too buddy. he where’s moose…HEY MOOSE!!

  • Dooce Help Desk

    Thanks Tubertarian!

  • Dang Cold…

    use the above link folks per the dooce helpdesk. the abc sight skunked me to.

  • You look STUNNING in the clip. 🙂

  • >.<

    you guys are cuh-ray-zee.
    i wanted to defend myself for something i said but it’s 7 hours and many many pee pee references later… i can’t even go there

  • jp

    hey my friend dang said he was going home. what happeded?

  • Beth

    Hee, hee, hee, looks like a time out to me! Well deserved, no doubt. Oh, yeah, their cute…but thothe cute ones are always demons!

  • Tim

    I try to read your weblog everyday but sometimes I just fall behind. Today I read all your entries from Tuesday on. My God, woman you are on a roll! You had my laughing out loud. You are really in the flow. Thanks.

  • Joana

    Hi! Can anyone see the clip on My realplayer hasn’t been able to connect. Help, please! 🙂

  • My boys are 1 year apart,so they acted alot like twins with the we have to do everything together syndrome, and one night, real late, after a long car ride, we got home and they both went in to pee, one facing the toilet head on, one on the side of the bowl up against the tub, so the oldest finishes and starts to bend foward to pull up his pants, right as I see the little ones head roll back and I know he is going to let it start to flow, but the oldest has his head RIGHT OVER THE BOWL. I yell “No NO STOP YOUR GOING TO PEE ON YOUR BROTHERS HEAD!!” He whips his head up all HUH? and the oldest snaps his head back all OH NO PEE ON ME? but alas, when your 3 your cant stop the flow once you get it moving, and 4 year olds dont dodge well. It was then bath time, and they wouldnt stop laughing about it.

  • Dudes

    Dooce was actually on screen for about 30 seconds I think in the whole story. Her portion of the segment was maybe 2 minutes, but I think they did start with her.

  • Henryk_ Fri@1045AMSydney time

    Thanks Wendee and Here ya go…..your clips seem to be short and lacking as well! 🙁
    Such is life!

  • sue

    Hands up who else yelled LETA! when she tipped her head up?

    Heather? you looked great too, but LETA!

  • danny

    dooce-hopefully you catch this-saw this book and thought Leta needed it.

    ‘The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House’, by Dan Piraro. I’d buy a copy myself and send it to you, but, I’m broke.

  • Henryk_ Fri@1034Sydney time

    Thans Marcia – at 7:37am your time. Nice to see and see and hear Heather . It’s a shame that the snippet( was but a snippet.) Justice will come your way in due course)Keep up the good work.

  • Sitting still? Did you airbrush out the velcro and duct tape?

  • Whoa! My sister just had twin boys. I guess that’s what she has to look forward to.

  • Here ya go
  • JulieT you can go follow this link and see the video.

    It’s under dangers of the blog.

  • jp

    Well I have witnessed a miracle and with that I am out. While I like the chicken grease from my fingers I will think fondly of my friend DANG!

  • Dang cold…

    I meant lexus y’all…autocomplete fucked me up. The devil is in my cpu chassis :O. I’ve sinned oh lord. I have sinned against you. Hey does Jim Baker drive a lexus? Did he ever?

  • They look TERRIFYING.

    Dooce, I never could find the broadcast last night on ABC. Does anyone know if it’s airing again? I want to see it!!!

  • Dunno but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • ABC World News Question

    Is there anyway to get a copy of dooce on the news? can someone post it? ABC is making users subscribe at a cost.

  • Dang proud of ya, Dang.

  • Welcome my child.

  • Dang cold…

    jp said at 04:07PM, 02.10.2005:
    Money does not buy happiness. The more you make the more you work. I ponder the tole it takes on ones family life.

    Interesting point. The CEO’s of the last 3 companies I worked at were on their 2nd or 3rd marriage. It takes sacrifice to get to the top. 13 or 14 hour work days aren’t kosher for some of the ones waiting at home and they split up. Regardless of the dough that comes in and the indoor pool and the lexux…ah well.

  • jp

    well when you got five stained shirts I am sure it can bring you a lot closer. Strizzay.

  • Dang cold…

    I just said fuck it and turned auto complete on. I’m posting like hell today and getting tired of typing “dang cold” I’m converted praise jesus, lamb of god.

  • Dang cold…

    depends on ones point of view as the saying goes, “whoever has the most toys wins” or “the best revenge is living well”. That second one is open to interpratation though.

  • Dang cold..

    here here moose..

    when kurt cobain killed himself I remember someone saying “what the hell was his problem? the guy was so damn rich!!” I just stared at him glassy eyed.

  • faris

    i think they should have done their news story on peoples obsession with being the 1st to blog here each day. It is really quite a strange phenomenon, but one i thoroughly enjoy.

  • jp

    Money does not buy happiness. The more you make the more you work. I ponder the tole it takes on ones family life.

  • Money can’t buy happiness my ass.

  • Money can’t buy everything
    Money can’t make you a king
    Money cannot buy success

  • You did a good job. Hey, I was wondering, any chance there’s a copy of you on World News out on the net somewhere?

  • Dang cold..

    naw..not prison JP but strange thing though. You move from one job to another and each one is better in position and salary but geez you’re less happy for some reason. sorry about going zen but it seems to be a common phenomenon. *shrug*

  • Julianne

    actually, that’s a good nervous twitch. i once left my rickety old gas stove on for a whole day while i was out.

  • You guys totally crack me up.

  • jp

    You hinted that you were getting benefits when you got out, I just figured it was prison. Thats all.

  • jp

    Thanks for making me laugh too, my stomach hurts. We all need to laugh, or we will die in our cubes. alone……

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