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  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    Link doesn’t work today, but I’ll give it a try some other time

  • if you ever get the chance, go see “The Kinsey Sicks”. They are the most talented set of vocals and some of the funniest drag queens on the planet. Truly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  • well, this was an erotic mascarade ball, not a drag event…but it was seriously one of the most amazing events I’ve ever been too. some amazing costumes etc.

  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    Sorry. I guess I latched onto the ‘drag’ part of the description.

    None-the-less, I hear drag ‘events’ are pretty amazing.

    My mom and a friend of hers went to a show in Toronto several years ago, and she said that the talent was pretty incredible.

  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    Greenthumb – I don’t blame you. Wouldn’t want to risk your prestige on something silly like that – just ask PeeWee Herman!!

    Sounds like fun though. I’ve always wanted to go to a drag contest.

  • CM – Wow, I just went to that site, and it has confirmed my belief that the internet is a wild and wonderful place.

  • kendra, I have pics, but I hate the idea of them becoming public on the off chance I should ever find fame and fortune digging in my garden. just kidding…but I’m still not posting those. he he h e

  • Closet Metro – thanks for the advice. Can you tell I’m a computer weenie? (Wha?) I can’t even do a spreadsheet.

  • adorable :)))))))

  • cmj

    coskel: I agree with you on the “Chi-town” thing. Only for non-natives. However, Cincinnati isn’t really called “Cinti”. The post office accepts that as an abbreviation, but no one who lives here refers to it as “Cinti”. “Cincy”, maybe. Stupidly enough, some adversting group is trying to get the nickname to be “The ‘Nati”. Yeah. NO.

    I, too, hate the Carl books. As for the unbelievableness of the mall they were in, those sorts exist in Germany. When we lived in Munich, Hertie was like a 12 storied mall with everything from clothing, electronics, lace (it’s OWN section) rugs, to a cafeteria on the top floor complete with a small Viking boat for the children to play in. I don’t think it had pets, though.

    greenthumb: I loved ALL of those books!! I was an only, too. Put The Secret Garden on my list, along with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy…all by 6th grade. Me = Nerd.

  • mamaramma, go to it’s the cure for what ails you.

  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    Any pics greenthumb??

  • or, just stick with let’s see how long we can make ’em. hee hee

  • Thanks Mamaramma! LOL…I could just see me dressed up like that…what a hoot. I did drag one time for an Erotic Mascarade Ball, I was almost 7′ tall and women kept coming up to me and staring at me…looking really closely at my face and dress…I was so tripped out and they would just look at me and say, you’re so beautiful…I was never so glad to be out of those shoes. I’ve never looked back, but I still have the wig and shoes.

  • Amanda B. (mommy) throw in the spankings and we’ll talk.

  • Wow that looks ridiculous (#178)

  • Don’t worry green – you’re 10 times cuter than this:

    Sorry about the ridiculously long URL!

  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    I’ve been dying to go ever since I realized where Germany was! Once I’m done my Masters, my fiance and I are planning to go.

    Even though all of my aunts and uncles are here, there are still some distant cousins, etc, who would put me up for a bit.

    I’m just itching to go.

  • Kendra, I would love to go to Germany, I have cousins still there. We have emailed but never made the trip. Growing up Mormon, I’ve done a lot of Geneology.

  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    OMG Greenthumb!!!

    My mom is German and she was BORN in Hanover!!!

    I’m first generation Canadian, and I can’t wait to go and visit!

  • Okay…I’m nervous…I’m almost full German, my great grandparents are from Hanover.

  • Madi

    Hmm. I LOVED Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. And the Sneetches.

    Where the Wild Things Are is an AWESOME book, and the Brother’s Grimm are good stories, too, until Disney starts messing with them.

    Not every book has to be a lesson, books are supposed to be fun, too. Look at the Lemony Snicket books, for example. Their parents DIE in the first two pages. It’s about 3 children, on their own, figuring things out and living in a world where adults aren’t always right or good. Kids love these books not because Count Olaf is a meany and all the adults are pretty useless, but because they are fun to read and INTERESTING. The children themselves are bright and inventive.

    Did anyone read the Boxcar Children books when they were young? Or My Side of the Mountain? Has everyone lost their imagination?

    greenthumb – I LOVED those books as a kid.

  • Have you guys heard of the play that was here in Chicago for awhile and was in NY before that – “I Am My Own Wife”. It was about a German transgendered man who was his own haus frau. I didn’t get to see it, though. Dammit!

  • Mamaramma, you need meds.

    Amanda B., I’ll bet you woulda had a better chance at that adoption if you OFFERED the occasional spanking.

    Kristine, THANK YOU, darlin’. You made my PMSing day OK.

    Bye for now, greenie and all, gotta go be the kid’s chauffer for a while!

  • I’m going to pitch a TV series about a German woman who lived in Oklahoma during pre-Civil War times. I’m calling it “Little Haus Frau On The Prarie.” Check your local listings.

  • Mamaramma,

    You so have the bigger challenge over me. I, unfortunately, cannot include offspring into my resume of accomplishment. If I was parenting as well, I would so be the haus frau from trailor park hell.

    On average, when I have an established garden, I can spend about an hour to 2 hours a day. With a new one like I have now, with no established plantings etc, it has that neverending feel that consumes whole days on weekends. One thing I would point out too, is that when I’m out there each night after work, I’m fussing around, it’s not diligent, it’s my down time. Gardening is my pressure release.

  • I would like to officially adopt Greenthumb and Hubby as my new children. No spankings I promise!

  • Susie, Kendra, – I’m so ashamed of my hair right now that I’m wearing a hat as I type and there’s no one home but me, a sleeping baby, and a DOG! Granted, the dog *is* very critical.

  • Heather- If you happen to read this…
    What setting do you have the camera on when you took this picture. I tried to take one of these types of pictures just last night and the flash just nearly killed the old people. It doesn’t look like the flash was even used on your picture.

    (Sidenote: the D70 had a built in flash that pops up when you need it. BUT it also has this flashlight thing that when you hit the button to take the picture it SHOOTS OUT OF THE CAMERA LIKE A DEATH BEAM! I have a picture of everyone with this look on their face that looks like someone hit them in the face…really hard.)

  • Greenthumb – how much time to you devote to gardening each week (when it’s in season)? I want to be like you.

  • greenie give susie an knowing look and smiles with pride.

  • Yes, Kendra and Mama, I envy those girls whose hair isn’t sticking every witch-a-way when they get out of bed. I am not one of them. Haus herr in the morning, must have hat for walking kid to school if didn’t have time to do a do first.

  • Ain’t it the truth? greenie, thanx again. Turns out there were some letters involved. Namely, P.M.S., if you know’m sayin’…

  • Susie, I just emailed you back 😉

    Thank you SO much for your email this morning.

  • Susie – Ha! I’m always afraid of someone knocking at the door when I have haus herr. Thank God for haus curtains.

  • greenie, you over-achievin’ beeyotch, you!

  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    haus herr??

  • I have haus herr right now! I gotta wash it before I got out…

  • It sounds better than it really is.

    But hey, this IS the internet and I could be Peter Fucking Pan for all you know.

  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    Good one Susie!!! I’ve got haus herr too, but I’m hiding in my office at school… and that’s OK because the door is locked and I’ll scope out the halls before I run back to my car in 5 hours

  • What is the male equivalent of a haus frau?

  • haus fuhrer? na, probably not

  • a 6’4″ gorgamous hunka chunka burnin redhead love…who cooks, cleans, gardens, walks the dog and works a 40 hour week. He also finds time to play in dooceland and try to capture his antics and feelings on his own blogs.

  • LOL! amanda b., I was such a sucker for those kinds of stories. My other favorite that I read several times was “My Side of the Mountain”, anyone remember that one?

    But no, I never wore black, my grandmother was the original Martha Stewart and I always had on the matching clothes with patent leather shoes. If I ever get a scanner, I’ll post some vintage greenie someday.

  • Greenthumb- mornin’ sweetcheeks. Man those are some very depressing books. Did you wear black a lot as a kid? 😉

  • Don’t bogart that

    having prepositional problems this morning. more coffee more coffee

  • Super A and Amanda B – thanks so much. sorry for the late reply, baby took over! nap’s a’ comin’

  • WORKING IS FOR LOSERS – so why am i working so much? (i’m at work right now; i guess i’m kooky like that).

    franz ferdinand only work when they need the money. that’s me, too. 65 hours a week.

    i’m such a rock star.

  • Don’t bogart that

    Thanks coskel – Matthew McConoughy (sp?) was on a morning show yesterday promoting his movie and said, “and here we are in CHI-TOWN!!!” – he lost points in the IQ scale for me. Probably not fair. It’s right up there with referring to San Francisco to “Frisco”

  • my favorite books as a child:
    Where the Red Fern Grows
    Old Yeller
    The Yearling
    Mrs. Frizby and the Rats of Nim
    Watership down
    I had read all these by the 5th and 6th grade. I was such an only child.

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