An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

When this happens, you take the LOOOOONG way home

  • anybody would think she was sleeping in!

  • mine is too, but only cause it wants breakfast. if the new pic doesn’t show up soon, i’ll have to miss it.

  • AndreaBT

    What??? No new picture at this hour of the morning?

  • cat

    Well, congrats. 🙂

  • I’m hungry *for a new PIC!!*

    No, really I am hungry in a my stomach is screaming sort of way.

  • at least with regards to cabbage – she is from the South, as is my mom, and my mom was never too good at making stuffed cabbage.

  • so don´t follow Heather´s advice in buying vegetables?

  • From the online dream dictionary:
    A generally fortunate omen but particularly auspicious for those engaged in artistic or creative activities.

    If you dreamed of reading handwriting, it is a warning of deception within the circle of those you trust; if you were doing the writing, the dream is telling you that you are creating problems for yourself through impulsive behavior; think before you act. If your dream featured others writing, it suggests that you can be your own best friend by not letting others influence your judgment; don’t be tempted to act contrary to your principles.

  • but it goes up at a different time every day, which could argue that leta is forcing her parents into very odd hours.

  • I also want to join the congrats and thanks, too – I live a little out of the way and have hung out with great people online here, so a BIG “FEH” to the asst’d asstrolls.

    And yes, a shameless gratuitous plug: over the weekend some folks showed interest in my radio show – its this morning, 10am-1pm EST (-5 GMT) on

  • I have postulated earlier that it might be a cron job running which would mean automatic. 🙂

  • what time does it normally change? Is it an automatic thingy or is she ust up in the middle of the night?

  • …..waiting…..

  • …F5…

  • (to WheretheW and Kiki)

  • so true

  • Yep but I decided that wherethewildthingsare just took too long to type and Max was already used by THOUSANDS.

  • Kiki

    Good question, I guess it has to from different people, because we are all checking it quite often.
    I bet when you want to be first, people are pressing refresh like 1000 times…

    Would be fun to have some statistics.

  • LeChico

    congrats dooce on all the awards!!

  • wherethewild- i think it is both

    did you draw your name from the book Where the Wild Things Are? that is my favorite kids book!!

  • yeah, but I check it, like 10 times a day. So is it 40,000 from different people?

  • sheesh, i can’t even spell my name right!

  • are we staking out last or first?

  • Kiki

    I just read in this artice that was posted earlier, that you get 40.000 hits by day. I was always wondering how many people are reading Dooce.
    Cool, 40.000 and i bet it is growing every day.

  • tom


  • interesting dream, colleen.
    in the last one i remember, i was working as a gopher type person in a news studio, with my friend hanna as the dictator/director.

  • Listen, Dooce. I just woke up from a dream where we were in a library. You were writing a thank-you card to someone and I was afraid to point out to you that you misspelled “cabbage”.

  • sorry, i’m staking it out

  • me! last! (please)

  • Kiki

    My mom always says, that I was as cute as an angle when I was sleeping.
    And probably as bad as the devil when I was awake.
    Leta looks aslo like an angle on this picture.

  • 😛

  • sophie

    Or not.

  • now may i be last?

  • koof


  • amanda

    No I may be the last

  • Last

  • Trace


  • Nope, you’re not. 😀
    Congrats on the Bloggies – yay Dooce!

  • Congrats Heather girl on winning so many bog-related awards.. i love you guys, leta is so cute. keep up the good work and visit my blog sometime ???

  • Henryk_

    aha…………………there is life out there after all!

  • Henryk_

    OK, You’all win. I’m off to the budoir!

  • eco2geek

    Congrats on the Bloggie awards. Thanks for bringing us so much enjoyment and honesty.

    (Too bad the Bloggies aren’t more like the Oscars, with red carpets, designer gowns, and diamonds; the acceptance speech; the “wardrobe malfunction”; etc. {:)} )

  • ‘Rah ‘rah.

    Congrats for winning all the book tokens. H.

    And I nearly died laughing the other day re: the email from that eedjit. As you know 😉


  • Henryk_

    Ms Chevious is a wimp for going to bed as well!

  • Henryk_

    H bounces back again!

  • Henryk_

    pppffffrrrtttttttttttttt blows raspberry

  • Henryk_

    they are at their cutest when they are asleep!

  • Ms.Chievous

    Henry_K is a wimp for going to bed AND Ms. Leego looks SO much like one of my twin boys (toddlers are androgynous ) that I DEMAND the right to blow rasberries on her neck.

  • megchem

    Been there since 2001 and celebrated when you came back online…dooce, you rock and deserve every minute….woooohoooo! Drinking beer out of a wine glass JUST.FOR.YOU!!!!!

    ok, and jon and leta too cuz they rock too!

  • Congratulations Heather!

    Good writing never goes unnoticed.

    Or should that be well writing…

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