An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Chuck doing his best impersonation of Marilyn Monroe

  • danni

    and it’s not even friday!

  • danni

    and I wasn’t stalking the site, honestly!!

  • danni

    Am I the only one here?

  • Emma

    Well I was stalking (sort of) and all I can say is Chuck looks great. Brought a smile to my face anyway. 🙂

  • Chuck reminds me of an oracle.

  • danni

    wow top three, all me!

    Anyway the picture, I think he needs some lipstick for the true Marilyn look

  • Moi

    Chuck is totally superdog! Great shot.

  • Marilyn Monroe? Chuck looks more like Lindsay Lohan.

  • Allison

    Wow, top 10! We really really love Sydney… we really really love Sydney… we love it so much it hurts.

  • bex

    I’m in love with Chuck!

  • Foster

    I love that dog.

  • Mr Bob

    I want a Chuck!

  • Happy birthday, Mr. President…

  • natalia

    Danni if you stalk the site at least do it with your head high like we all do 😉
    Chuck rocks!

  • sgip

    Love the new banner!

    I wonder if Dooce will inspire a new early-rising trend on the East coast as new pics seem to be generally going up at like 3am…

  • anja

    Well, he’s a blonde… And between Leta and the treats, it sounds like he really *does* have more fun

  • Mrs Armstrong your writing brings tears to the eyes, laughings tears, so addicting that meds cannot conquer! A writing med of true joys of life. The little creatures are the powers gifts showing the parents true unrequited love about enjoying the moment.

  • I’m imagining the wide angled version of this shot with him in a white dress, wind blowing and his paws doing all they can to preserve his modesty.

    I’m stopping now lest my mind wanders to his and JFK’s pillow talk.

  • Nell


    I like the new posting schedule. It makes me happy to be in the first 25.

  • The times just get more and more random … lovely picture though!

  • Moi

    Bucky, you so nailed it. I’ll be singing it… or rather barking it… all the way to bed.

  • Vogue!

    I always love to read your monthly newsletters to Leta.

  • You capture the contradictory feelings of motherhood so well.

    It’s lovely to think of Leta reading what you write one day.

  • Jme

    I’m sure you’ve thought of a blond wig on that cute head. You just gotta! (Gawd, I love that nose of his.)

  • I think Chuck looks sad. But soft.

  • Why does everyone care so much about being the first to post or even in the top 25? Do you give out cookies or something?

    That dog is quite the poser, no pun intended. And Leta bears quite a resemblance to the Olsen twins, which means you have a lot to look forward to. Tell Jon to have his shotgun ready when she hits dating age.

  • kim

    that’s NOT leta *powds* — but i like the new look. and he does look a little sad, or just like he’s got a lot on his mind. like…”hmm, i wonder what leta [and i] are gonna have to eat today..”

  • A

    Chuck’s eyeliner really opens up his browns.

  • Chuck. He’s so Vogue. Saucy misunderstood pooch.

    BTW, monthly newsletter is beautiful. Leta is really starting to fill in. SOO CUTE!

  • Amy

    Ah, the rare Tuesday Chuck photo. So nice!

  • He is so adorable, which means he is plotting badness, thats what cute always means.

  • alaska foobar


  • “That’s hot.”

  • Michelle Brady

    dude, it is 7:14 in the morning! 33 comments already! earlybirds! exclamation points! i don’t need anymore coffee!

  • Michelle Brady

    the picture is great. i wish i could get my dog to sit still long enough to take such a beautiful picture.

  • Check out those cheekbones! Chucklette is so fabulous.

  • A great day indeed. Chuck before Friday and a monthy newsletter to Leta that once again melts our hearts.

    You have such a wonderful gift with words.

  • That dog has the most brilliant and well-defined bone structure of any pet I’ve seen. He must have been a light-weight boxer in a past life. That or a Depression-era farmer.

  • …and it’s not even Chuck Friday!

    I want one. Mate Chuck with Marilyn and send me one.

  • How cute!!!! We are treated to Chuck and it is not even Friday. 🙂 What a nice treat.

  • and it’s not even Friday!

  • Stunning!

    Chuck is ready for his close up Mr. Demille….

  • natalia

    Maybe if you are all nice, Heather will consider letting chuck breed and will give you the puppies…

    Humm, can’t remember reading anything abou him getting the chop so hopefully for everybody there is a possibility?

  • and breathlessly singing “Happy Birthday to you…”

    Hi, Chuck!!

    a treat indeed.

    Tangent Jump: for those of you who care and listen (I know there are a few on here), today is Radiothon at the station – i.e., the pledge drive for us to raise money. While doing my show today, I will be begging for bucks. Like classical music? Want to keep it on the air and away from Infinity Broadcasting and Clear Channel? Tune in and donate. Thanks. 10AM-1PM EST 313-845-9676 ext. 1 *steps off soapbox*

  • and they did get him at the pound *before* he was checked in, so the pound didnt snip him. I would take a puppy. Then again, I would take a non-chuck puppy – I loves me some dogs, but that cat has issues with that.

  • Amanda

    so adorable!

  • Chuck is a babe!

  • d

    Chuck has been snipped. No puppies from him.

  • If you ask me… He’s day dreaming about a female dog 😉

  • Dooce’s Chuck and my Bella should meet. She’s on the lookout for a handsome male companion.

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