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Our plum tree in bloom

  • FIRST!

  • Sarah

    wow- no comments yet?

  • Kay


  • Wow, I’ve never been first before. That is a pretty picture!

  • Mari

    Beautiful. Spring is finally here!

  • Aww. That bums me out. Our trees aren’t yet in bloom here in New York. Sooo jealous!

  • Muffy

    YOure all EVIl. Great photo though

  • What a pretty picture. 🙂 Love it – so not what it looks like here. 🙁

  • Sacha


  • Spurious Plum is in bloom?
    That would explain a lot…

  • Butternut

    That picture is the essence of Spring. Thank you, Heather!

  • I got last post on the last picture and first post here.

    I officially have no life. 😉

  • KATIE WAS FIRST. Go Katie Go Katie…..

  • KB


  • lex

    top 10!

  • Woo hoo…a new picture!

  • christy

    delurking to be in the top 10!

  • Katie-be-trashy-as-hell

    Wow, I’m obsessed with this blurb- I’m first. Excuse me while I go take a bowl-wrapping turd.

  • pretty

  • why would you wanna life, when you have DOOCE???

  • That’s really beautiful. Morning everyone!

  • I was trying to post this before comments closed, so I’ll just continue here! ;o)
    LOL…yep…I bite my tongue A LOT. (sometimes I don’t do it well enough though) Honestly, some of these customers think they are better than the rest of the world or they are really dumb, or both. (no offense to any VW owners here) This is why I sometimes really hate people. But where else am I going to find a job where I get to hang out here all day??

  • I guess our day of silence away from the trolls couldn’t last another day. Here I go – PLOP! Mmmm, you wanna see my turd?

  • OOOOohhhhh AAAAhhhhh. Purty!

  • Modern Warrior

    First time to site – interesting blog. How did you get the word out that you had a blog?

  • Spring only means one thing to me…..

    tourists! showing to much flesh that should not see the light of day!

  • Oh, and how trashy IS hell? I would like to know.

  • natalia

    Cool Pic!

    I think Heather realised we tracked down the pic posting time and now she’ll be driving us crazy posting pics at different times every day.

  • cleverlibrarian

    thank you, heather, for the lovely springy photos. they make the most gorgeous desktop backgrounds. i’m also a fan of the pics of leta, but having a stranger’s baby on your screen just opens the door for too many awkward explanations & strange looks.

  • Very pretty pic. We have a plum tree, too, and the blooms are so lovely.

    (Crossing fingers now and saying a little prayer that the trolls, and the people who insist on arguing with the trolls, don’t get the comments shut down again.)

  • The flowers on the plum tree are really amazing. I have never actually seen a plum tree in person. Better than the crappy banana trees you see around here.

  • erin

    Yay! Our plums won’t bloom this year…too new in the ground. The tulips and hyacinths and daffodils are going, though!
    Great pic, Heather. Enjoy what looks to be a beautiful spring day!!

  • Unfortunately, whether or not people argue with the trolls, they still stick around. It was so nice yesterday to not have to deal with them.

  • Is it true? Is spring finally here? The is my favorite time of year.

  • hey, katie-the-last-and-first-trashy-as-hell-with-no-official-life, you made me LAUGH, you and your hyper-hyphenated self;)

    pretty plum tree; made me squint out the windows at my trees, but there’s nothin’ happenin’ here yet:(

  • misha babe


  • ‘plum’ is one of my favorite words. great photo.

  • Dooce, that is just gorgeous. As per usual…

  • Pretty. We bought my mom a flowering pear tree for her birthday a while ago, but there are no flowers or pears to speak of.

  • Man, two seconds ago Chuck was still up and now there are almost 40 comments!

  • fuckin a I want a tree that blooms. I a small one in my back yard and it smells delisous. But i want another one.

  • Cheryl

    How beautiful… do you remember those trees in South Carolina that smell like something disgusting. I used to love parking under one of those trees and getting all of the leaves on my car, which in turn made my car smell like that certain something disgusting.

  • naralius

    spring is here!!! that pic just made my day, now i can be happy the rest of the day knowing that somewhere in Utah a tree is blooming

  • Cheryl, the semen trees? What ARE those things?

  • I want that photo in our baby’s room. That’s fantastic!

  • japhy

    sweet, i miss spring in salt lake. the late season snow storms followed by gorgeous 70 degree weather.

  • Muffy

    Naralius, something even more beautiful:
    someone in Utah being de-flowered

  • Pretty pretty pink

  • hiiidihooo

    they are chestnut trees. i know because i am a botanist. and muffie IS cuter than chuck. if chuck had a snarl on his face he wouldn’t look so cute…

  • Berta

    Good morning to you all! What a beautiful picture! Spring is my favorite season!

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