Vigorous, bold, unforgettable

I’ve been having high school nightmares again. I thought they would go away when I went to my high school reunion and realized that IT NEVER MATTERED, but I still have these recurring dreams that I have to go back and redo my senior year. The other night I had a dream that they were withholding my diploma because I hadn’t completed a Book of Mormon class, and when I pointed out to the administration office that I didn’t take Book of Mormon classes until college someone told me, “This is a dream. We can do whatever we want to in here.”

Here is my glamour shot for Senior Hall of Fame for English. The text underneath the photo says all this crap about the English classes I took and essays I wrote, but what it should say is, OBVIOUSLY NEEDS A GOOD BONKING.

Here’s a clipping from the yearbook, Top Ten Adjectives to Describe the Class of 1993:

They forgot:

11. SUCKS – Heather Hamilton

Pictures from my senior yearbook would not be complete without one of myself adorned in our very chic, very flattering volleyball uniforms where you can see without a doubt that I am very, very white. After looking at these I wonder how many of my classmates have been haunted by memories of me lo, these 12 years.