Dear Geeky Father of What I’m Sure Will Turn Out to Be My Equally Geeky Daughter,


Happy Birthday. This one is a big one, and although I’m excited for your future, it was kind of nice to be be in our thirties together even if only for six days.

In the years we’ve been together I’ve come to understand that I have a responsibility to you when it comes to what I share here in this medium, and mostly I’ve just wanted people to know how good you are to me, how good you are to your friends, how patient and loving you are to your daughter. I don’t consider this a proper place to air our dirty laundry, as it is really no one’s business but our own. But through everything we’ve fought against and survived and lived through, I think people should know that we work damn hard at this. Just like every other marriage we have our heated disagreements and, ahem, differences of opinion.

I want to share here that I never thought I would find that person for whom I would work this hard or who would do the same for me in return. Thank you for working on this with me.

She Who Really Does Work the TiVo Remote Better Than You, Just Accept It