Meet-up in Austin

I have received dozens of emails from people asking whether or not I can get them into my keynote conversation at SXSW on Sunday afternoon. The answer is that I couldn’t even get the Avon World Sales Leader into the panel if I wanted to, that’s how serious they are about you paying for a registration. Which is fine by her, she’ll just give all that free shampoo TO SOMEONE ELSE.

Enough people have sent me email saying that they would like to meet me and Jon while we’re in Austin that we’ve decided to arrange a very informal meet-up. We aren’t going to be in town for very long, and the only time that we really have a break in the schedule is on Monday at lunch time. Neither of us is very familiar with the city and since someone suggested that we check out Halcyon Coffeeshop we’re going to be hanging out there at about noon on Monday. Drop by and say hello, we should be there for at least a couple hours.

So, to reiterate:

Halcyon Coffeeshop
218 West 4th Street
Austin, TX
Here is a map.

Noon on Monday, March 13
Sorry, we won’t be handing out free shampoo.