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Meet-up in Austin

I have received dozens of emails from people asking whether or not I can get them into my keynote conversation at SXSW on Sunday afternoon. The answer is that I couldn’t even get the Avon World Sales Leader into the panel if I wanted to, that’s how serious they are about you paying for a registration. Which is fine by her, she’ll just give all that free shampoo TO SOMEONE ELSE.

Enough people have sent me email saying that they would like to meet me and Jon while we’re in Austin that we’ve decided to arrange a very informal meet-up. We aren’t going to be in town for very long, and the only time that we really have a break in the schedule is on Monday at lunch time. Neither of us is very familiar with the city and since someone suggested that we check out Halcyon Coffeeshop we’re going to be hanging out there at about noon on Monday. Drop by and say hello, we should be there for at least a couple hours.

So, to reiterate:

Halcyon Coffeeshop
218 West 4th Street
Austin, TX
Here is a map.

Noon on Monday, March 13
Sorry, we won’t be handing out free shampoo.

  • It always makes me really happy to see that a couple can live at home with their child and make a living from their blogs. It makes me even happier to see all the celebrity you’ve attained: so many want to meet you. That is absolutely amazing and wonderful. Congratulations!

  • And after the Philippine leg of the Dooce World Tour, would there be a stopover in Japan? Lots of good sushi here. 🙂

  • mmoxxie

    I agree with number 12. You should come to Phoenix. The weather is perfect right now.

  • Amy

    Sarah, if you do not go to this, I will make Runner Susan hunt you down and run over you with her new station wagon.

  • We were in Austin about a month ago . . . LOVED it. It sounds like you won’t be too mobile, but here are two quick suggestions for food (just in case):

    1) Magnolia Cafe – go late-night after too many beverages and sober up on the gingerbread pancakes. Delectable! (1920 S. Congress Ave.)

    2) Guero’s – quite possibly the freshest, yummiest Mexican food ever . . . and that’s not even mentioning the hand-squeezed, extremely potent margaritas! (Also on S. Congress).

    As for the Blurbodoocery World Tour — can we get some love in west central Cow Hampshire?! 🙂

    Have a great time at SxSW.

  • Ellen

    If there would be a Dooce World Tour, would there be a Philippine leg?

  • prysm

    I’m so excited I just mistook a laxative pill for a toothpick!

  • That poor, poor little coffeeshop is not going to know what hit it. You might ought to give them a call and let them know that their lunch hour traffic is going to be a little busier that day.

    Oh, and have fun in Texas. You do know that it’s state law that you holler ‘Remember the Alamo’ at least once a day, right?

    I wouldn’t ‘steer’ ya wrong on this (get it? steer? cattle? Texas?).

    Have fun in Texas!

  • I wish I could come — you guys are amazing and I would love to meet you. But alas, I live in Canada! :-[

  • marsha

    rather a novice at this stuff, however, wanted to share that you are a daily visit for me and if you are ever in hamilton, new zealand at a coffee shop i would come and visit.

  • Are you seriously afraid for your life now? People are coming out of the woodwork for this. I’m in FL so when ya head south – hollah!

  • lueread

    I think it’s pretty exciting that you are getting big name billing with the likes of Neil Young and Henry Rollins. Blog on!

  • When are you guys coming to Upstate NY? We have lots of cows and, um, booze and stuff.

  • I really like that you’re doing this.

    Many of us have all ‘met’ through you. It will be nice for everyone to meet the crazy ass woman that started all this.

  • Hey, Heather. Unrelated to meeting up, if you’re into Mexican (not sure how the digestive system likes burritos, etc.!), you should definitely check out The Continental for music and Guero’s for mexican (down the street from the Continental, on Congress — it’s not expensive at all and is really good. I nearly bathed in the guac and some sort of cheesy dip thing).

  • teacher kerri

    damn. i was all ready to make a unique comment here about how you really shouldn’t be so neglectful of the east coast, philadelphia in particular…and comment #63 is not only about how northeasterners need love, but comes from new jersey, which for you in utah is about 5 miles from philadelphia, and the person who wrote it’s name is KERRI. so is MINE. freak-y.

  • Miranda Puckett

    Holy Crap, I got the first comment? Hell! That’ll never happen again.

    If a Dooce national tour ever materialises, Virginia needs to be added to the list.

  • AmandaR.

    I haven’t ever been to Austin but if I were you I would definitely take the amazing opportunity too look at the Real World Austin house. When I moved to Philly for awhile that was one of my first stops when I got there, even before the Liberty Bell and all that jazz because that’s just how Americanized I am.
    Have fun while you’re deep in the heart of Texas!

  • All I can say is I’m jealous. We went to SXSW a couple years ago when we were Texans for a while and it was a blast. And we’re still paying for it too – spent WAY TOO MUCH on art while there. Keep Austin weird!!!

  • jen

    Relatively new reader and first-time commenter here (I feel so virginal) chiming in to say that I am actually moving to Austin for a new job and will be flying in THAT VERY DAY. I am super stoked about the chance to meet the Blurbodoocery team – way to make me excited about my soon-to-be new home! If for some reason the flight gods conspire against me and I don’t make it, let me take this one chance to say thank you for sharing your lives with us – it’s all the benefits of a quality TV show (clever and insightful stories that both entertain and inspire) without the commitment of a scheduled viewing time (alas, I have no TiVo) and, even better, featuring Actual Real Live People.

  • I was so excited to read this and actually get the chance to meet the person whose website I’ve been reading for years now! Except. My flight gets into Austin on TUESDAY. I miss you both by ONE DAY.

    I hope you both have a great time and can’t wait to read about your time in TX!

  • cristina

    Have fun in Austin! I’m from Texas but live in New York, so here’s another vote for a stop up here on your world tour. But since its Texas for now, I recommend the aforementioned Shady Grove and Trudy’s for Tex-Mex–get a Margarita-Martini. So good and they only let you order two!! And indulge in some Shiner Beer and Blue Bell ice cream.

  • I too am worried about the size of the place … you ARE aware of how famous you are, right? RIGHT? I’ll be damned if I show up just to stand on the sidewalk, mournfully smashing my face against the glass, getting elbowed repeatedly by some crazy lady in a homemade Dooce T-shirt.

    I hate to be one of those annoying people who questions the offered plans (you know the type), but in this case, I felt I had to speak up for my own selfish reasons (not that I wouldn’t smash my face against the glass, if that’s what it takes to gain sight of you in person and therefore be the raging envy of all my friends).

  • Yes, Halcyon is pretty tiny and there are far better places to go in Austin- like MOTHER’s CAFE! Thats just for eating though, its pretty small to, I would suggest somewhere big like the Oyster Landing (Hula Hut, Mozarts etc) which is a lot bigger and has the lake in the background. As much as I would love to come I’m sure there will be a mob so enjoy your time in Austin!

  • Carie

    While we’re throwing out suggestions for Dooce Fest, I’m going to go ahead and say “How about Columbus, OH??”

  • moonrattled

    I won’t be in Austin but just wanted to say how much I admire you and Jon for following your bliss. The inauthentic rat-tailed people that fired you for blogging – for your self-expression – couldn’t even dream of the success you’ve achieved. Keep BEING you. Ok?

  • Mike


    I have never been to Austin but I hear it is fantastic. Kind of a liberal redheaded stepchild on timeout inside an otherwise conservative state. It also has a great up-and-coming filmmaking community.

    If you were there a little longer I’d suggest checking out the Alamo Drafthouse. They play new and old flicks while you sit back and enjoy fried foods and beer straight from the tap. Never been there but it sounds pretty sweet, right?

    If you’re ever in Los Angeles again, I hope you and Jon do a similar meet-and-greet. You guys have to show some love for those of us still trapped within the very definition of “Urban Sprawl.”

  • sprklnld

    if you plan a meet-up in utah, please wait until june! we will be making a trip there for a family reunion then. otherwise, please, please come to seattle! you can stay at our house!

  • jackie

    wow, and I was wondering how I was going to catch a glimpse of that session–now I don’t have to. I will most definitely be at the very hip Halcyon to meet the extremely talented Heather. Hope I’ll see you through the crowds, and also that you enjoy Austin.

  • drewelyse

    Halcyon has a great atmosphere and their smores are the best! I hope you enjoy your time in Austin, it seems like your kind of city to me! I hope I can make it there to see you in person.

  • Jacey

    Oh snap! Austin is a great city! I don’t want to miss a chance to meet Dooce, I’ll try to make it!

  • Wow there’s gonna be a lot of people in that coffeeshop this day, I think you should seriously consider the bodyguard advice 🙂

  • jes

    But, ARE YOU PREPARED? Because I’m pretty certain that you’ll have your own legion of BlurboDoocerites, who will show up in droves vying for your attention and throwing chocolate covered cherries at you. In a loving way, of course.

    Perhaps I should call in sick so I can drive down to Austin. I couldn’t miss that sight.

  • futurepest

    There’s an indian restaurant called the Clay Pit. Sorry, I don’t have an address. All I have to say is Mango spice infused martini. Oh yeah, the food is fantastic, too.

    Enjoy your stay in Austin. It’s a beautiful city. We go every year for the ACL festival in September.

  • OO! Ooo! Phoenix! I vote Phoenix too!

    And also, Heather, I love your life. It sounds so fun.

  • Good luck and safe travels. Austin, sadly, is too far away from me. But I will be with you in caffeine spirit. I’ll even wear some inconspicuous sunglasses in your honor.

  • apparently i moved to california too soon. sorry to be missing you. ya’ll have fun! enjoy the blue oasis in the sea of red…

  • Next time I need to coordinate better! I was just in Austin last Fall. It is a wonderful town. You’re going to have an awesome time and the people are great!

  • Nat W.

    Seriously, why don’t you come back to your hometown? I’m an hour away and we consider Memphis to be part of Jonesboro, so hell–I’d come. Seriously.

  • Amy

    So obviously, when you finish your book and go on tour we are all coming out to meet you. I speak for Kansas City…

  • Well, since I am your northern neighbour (hi! hi! can you see me waving?!), I will not be anywhere near Texas and, to be honest, just may never ever be … GAWSH! Canada is such a HUGE country, I just don’t know if I’ll ever see all of it. While I’m here, just wanted to gush and say that I read you almost daily. You were my first discovery of blogging and I measure all others against you. Sometimes, I think there are others who are desperately trying to BE you, but that is another comment for another day! Your blogging is in the spirit of the great pioneer women who went before us. Really! I am being mildly sarcastic but actually honest. Keep on keeping on!

  • everybody chant with me!!!


    pretty please? with potty-time elmo on top?????

  • Jeni

    Recently came across your page and now I am hooked. I love the newsletters to Leta, what an incredible gift to give her one day.

    I vote for Dooce blog tour, too! Think we could all print off screen shots of our favorite entries and you could sign them. I’d even use my 108+ bright white paper for that . . .

  • erin

    austin is so fabulous … i would love to meet you all! i agree with andrea that shady grove would be a better place. they have killer chili cheese fries, margs and the ambiance is all austin. it sets along lake austin opposite of downtown, yet still downtown. it backs up to a “cool” trailer park, that has all of the charm you could imagaine! (yes, i used cool and trailer park in the same sentence.) i can see you enjoying the photo ops. the extra space would be beneficial as well since the city will be swarming, and personal space will be so limited. have a wonderful time! i look forward to reading how it all goes.

  • Seriously. A national tour of Dooce would sell faster than tickets to another Cher retirement tour.

  • damn too bad I don’t live in Texas anymore. Hope you have a blast!

  • literatigirl

    I suggest your hire some bodyguards.

  • ditto on the above about the bodyguards!

  • Poo socks! I’m coming back to Dallas on Sunday! For the love of all things rice-krispie Woman, and John…come see GEORGE! and, while you’re here, I’ll take all of you out for drinks.

    I miss the great shit all the time.

    Melanie. One very pms-y, pouting, Melanie.

  • we’re driving down from jersey so wont be there just yet…….

    how about stopping by the Jackalope thurs night to see my husband’s band, the black hollies play?

    i’ll be hangin solo so i could use some good company!

    it’d be so great if you came! they play some hip-swingin music, you’d have a good time!

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