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Wise men

A man on the television is lying in bed with his wife recounting the day he had at work. “I told my coworker not to worry,” he says, “because with age comes experience. And with experience comes wisdom.”

“What comes with wisdom?” his wife asks him. And both Jon and I let out an exaggerated moan when the man says, “You!”

“That’s so lame,” I say. “I was hoping that with wisdom comes great hair.”

“Really?” says Jon. “Because I happen to know that with wisdom comes a really big schlong.”

  • OMG…did I really just put an apostrophe in “finds”? I’m gasping in horror.

    Note to self: always preview before posting!

  • MeAhna

    FYI: I frequently use your picture of the day as a background on my computer. (I used the one of the pretty red flowers. Until I seen the one today……)

  • north

    I also thought that the “You!” referred to the man’s inherent wisdom regarding getting the woman to come, so no, vegasandvenice, you are not the only one to go there. Immediately.

  • Shit, girl. You are funny, but you also attract some of the funniest ‘posters’ I’ve ever met.

  • So glad to know I’m not the only one who find’s the hubby on Medium to be hot. Sure, that was a corny line, but it was so…sweet.

    It’s probably one of the only shows on televison where the characters are (mostly) emotionally healthy…good god, an evening of Desperate Housewives is all about missing boundaries run amuck.

  • It makes me a little sad that after the very first part of that quote I knew what show it’s from.

  • susan @ yow

    With wisdom comes with an enlarged prostate. For men anyway.

  • Lenski

    I love this website… it is officially my life line!

    There was a man named Jon
    Who had claimed the biggest Schlong
    Does this prove his wisdom is strong?
    Some may think he is wrong


    L x

  • Rae

    My family and I groaned collectively when we saw that episode of Medium. I’ve never seen them be so cheesy before. Thankfully, the episode following with Kelsey Grammar redeemed them quite nicely.

  • He’s right, of course. You know. *shrug*

  • Yeah, they’re like trees … wiser they become the more girth the accumulate. And if you cut it off you can see the rings.

  • Based on John’s reasong, I’m afraid I’ve slept with some really stupid men. But I knew that already.

  • kcbelles

    Quote: “Really?” says Jon. “Because I happen to know that with wisdom comes a really big schlong.”

    Well, now, what about wise Lesbians? We have no use for a schlong, big or otherwise. I vote for the knockers, ta-tas, whatever you want to call ’em. Ta-tas – cute; haven’t heard that one before. I’ll have to home and try that out tonight: “Hi, Honey – your ta-tas look extremely perky today!” I just know the look I’m gonna get… lol

    Rock on, you two – love both your sites!

  • I’ve been told Colin Farrell, by this logic, is a very wise man. My fiancee can’t wait to see the movie where they cut out the evidence of his “wisdom”. Apparently that wisdom will be shown on the DVD release.

    On that day, my stupidity will be revealed I do believe.

  • With THREE Wise Men (Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, Jose Cuervo) comes a vicious hangover.

  • I can’t seem to shake this mental picture of Edward Norton vacuuming in a loin cloth toss grapes and waving a palm frond with his junk.
    My entire thought process for the day is shot, tyvm.
    But as far as comments go, Charlie should get an award.

  • Yeah, that’s gay. And not in the good way.

    Your daily pictures are kicking much ass. Amazing.

  • Charlie

    There once was a man on some show
    Who wanted his “wisdom” to grow.
    Is it experience that grants
    A bulge in ones pants?
    Because enquiring minds want to know.

  • could i trade the schlong for having a really fast car?

  • With wisdom comes the irony that, however wise you are, you’d still trade that wisdom for a big schlong…

  • Hilarious!
    Velma, dont forget ear hair. 🙂

  • Now I know why I paid so much for a college education.

  • brandy

    Theres an opening on Gilmour Girls for some writers…I think you could get those ratings up!

    My mom always told me with wisdom comes the good weed.

  • Mack’sMom

    Heather! Who knew your readers were so willing to open up on their perverse thoughts!!!

  • i know the show you are referring to, and i agree that it was kinda lame, but the hubby is hot so i forgave him.

  • kerry

    oh thank god! i kept wondering why that sounded so familiar. it’s only from one of my fave shows.

    but, yeah, it was a “groan!”

  • in my husband’s family there is the Berry fussing gene, or the berry schlong. My husband and cousin claim the schlong gene, while his brother has the fussing gene. We’ve produced three boys. There’s one with the fussing, one with the schlong and one too young to tell.

    I can’t believe I’ve just told you this.

    Just seeing the word schlong is universal I guess…

  • TripDaddyNJ

    Jon’s right – big coccyx with the wisdom.

    Hey Vicky H: Isn’t an oxymoron someone who does not know how to use their acne medicine?

  • see, i have such a HUGE crush on that man that when he said that i smiled to myself and thought “damn i want to get in his pants.”

  • That’s what they always say.

  • Okay wait a minute… I hope I am not the only one who figured you typed it wrong and he actually says “what cums with wisdom?” … “you.” As if to say that it takes some smart moves to get her off and hes got them.

    Oh sheesh … I think I might be the only one!

  • I was going to say, “Kevin Federline,” but then I thought, “No. That can’t be right.”

  • I’ve been reading this site for a while and it’s about time I left a comment. It has just the right amount of touching, personal moments and spit-take, keyboard-ruining moments. I LOVE IT.

    Ha. That almost reads as comment spam.



  • La Dolce Lissa


  • With wisdom comes a vasectomy. HAHA.. hehe sorry.. I think it’s kinda true.

  • Wisdom … just about when you have it all figured out, you die. Sigh. I wish that with wisdom came new energy!

  • Vicky H.

    Schlong and wisdom…that’s the funniest oxymoron I’ve heard yet!

  • Wisdom only comes after such age that poor enough eyesight makes two and a half inches look like seven.

    So yes, I guess you could say really big schlong.

  • there’s an orgasm joke in there somewhere but i’m totally above making it.

  • Mighty Jimbo – you might be BEYOND making that joke… but I’m certainly not. With wisdom comes the certainty that no matter how big the schlong is, you’ll never be able to train it to multi-task, fetch the newspaper, or rub your back properly.

  • Damn. I saw a *reeeealy* smart horse the other day, then.

    I’m sorry, Jon’s got it all messed up. Any schmuck can have a big schlong. Knowing how to use it–now *that’s* where the wisdom comes in.

  • wendy

    I’ve been asking, “Where’s the T-shirts?” You could do all the mastheads. I want “Not your average clenched-cheek sprint to the bathroom” or maybe a nice picture of Chuck. Wendy.

  • CurrtDawg

    So, exactly how “wise” is John?

  • Carli

    I was so shocked when I watched that episode of “Medium”! I even said to my husband that NBC is getting pretty racy these days. Next up: Pornucopia – down in the Valley with the cast of Law and Order.

  • As a man with great wisdom, great wisdom indeed, I can vouch that with great wisdom comes a giant schlong, along with an irresistible urge to hibernate.


  • Maybe it comes with really great shlong hair.

  • bew


  • Nifle

    Comes….ummmm…..damn, I’m drunk (Yes, it’s only 6:56 pm CST for you clock watchers). But, I still found it funny! I LOVE DOOCE!

  • Ah, the differing priorities of men and women…

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