Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Clog Standoff: Hour 51

  • Mroz

    Like I said on Blurbomat…

    Dooce jumped the shark.

  • mydisplayname67

    Ugly, yet comfortable I’m sure . Are these “in-style”?!

  • Gotta side with Dooce. No clogs.

    But then, I won’t even do sandals of any kind.

    Sneaks. Socks. World Peace.


  • anneelizmary

    Free Jon’s clogs!
    To free Jon’s clogs is to free Jon’s feet!
    To free Jon’s feet is to free his obsessive compulsive cleaning prowess on the floors (Clorox Clean-up!) and in the kitchen! (dishwasher stacked to capacity)and in the bathtub! (we SO won’t go there.)

    I trust I have made my point.

    Save your pink shoes. If Leta wears clogs in high school she will remain a virgin for 47 months longer than non-clog wearing beauties.

    From Jon’s clog-wearing Southern-speaking friend (and yours, Dooce), who got 100% Dixie thankyouverymuch.

  • My 9 year old niece has some really cute Hello Kitty clogs. They are just a modern version of the Jelly Shoe.

  • I have one word: retaliation.

    Jon will happily drop this clog issue if you insist on wearing pink Uggs everywhere. With shorts. And a tank top.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Cristanthymum

    Clog War 2006…
    Brilliant cross-marketing device, Dooce & Blurbomat! Brilliant!
    Or…am I seeing Clinton-esque overtones? Do you guys have an intern we don’t know about?

  • Crocs rock, awesomely. John wins.

  • Kate

    Siding with Jon on this one. Crocs are just too damn comfortable.

  • They were awfully cute on Leta’s little feet because little baby girls feet can make anything cute … try it with clogs, maybe even toe-less socks or tuna sandwiches! However, men’s feet are just the opposite and can make almost anything repellant … try it with your favorite mary jane’s, maybe even thigh high stripey socks or croissants!

  • I am with you 100 percent.They are uglllllllllllllllyyyy…there is no doubt about it. Montana has totally caught on the trend. OFCOURSE, that’s the only trend they have caught on to . So we still have everyone wearing the mullet or high as heaven hair, high waisted pants. and GASP!, Poisen t-shirts. (half the people here either are looking like they came off th set of ‘BONANZA’the other look like they are frontin as groupies for some heavy metal band. ) AND THEY ALL WEAR CROCS… Scary world up here! Next thing you know the $ store will be carrying some cheapo version. Oh what is this world coming to?

  • aida

    I’m a nurse and I absolutely love love love my purple crocs. They are the most comfortable footwear for my line of work. However, I wouldn’t wear them out to the beach, the mall, or anywhere out of the hospital for that matter.

    I’m with dooce.

  • Not going to say they’re not ugly, even with a snazzy Google logo on ’em, but DAMN, they’re comfortable.

    Sorry, have to go with Jon on this one.

  • Dani

    but those aren’t even real clogs…they’re more like…slingbacks for men!

  • Melen

    I was neutral in this war until I saw that ridiculous photo of what’s his name in his Grandma’s blue clogs. Do not give up the fight.

  • I have to say, your graphic is way better.

  • Nefariousnina

    BURN THEM BURN THEM BURN THEM! And buy him some Birkenstocks. Come on. They NEVER go out of style.

  • Lowter

    You could have it to much worse than clogs … puhlease.

  • It’s tough what you are doing for the world and for Jon. Just remember that right now he’s in shock and probably going through withdrawals- so he may not be himself. He may lash out in anger. He may blame you for his feelings of confusion and sadness. He may start singing Wham! songs for no apparent reason.

    Be strong my friend, you can get him through this.

  • xath

    i am sorry but you are sadly mistaken. Clogs rock.

  • katy66

    ew! Man clogs!


    Fight the good fight Heather! And if anyone else says anything bad about you on the inter-web, I will fly to their town, drive to their house, toilet paper said house, and stick hundreds of plastic forks in their yard!


  • Prairie State

    Crocs – the unsexy. Although I’m picturing Brad Pitt in a pair and its not so bad… if that’s all he’s wearing. Clog hopping bloggers.

  • MelissaJ

    I feel Jon’s pain. My husband threw out my clogs on me too. FIGHT THE POWER!!! CLOGS TIL THE END!
    Let him wear them around the house but not in public. I got to wear mine for gardening and stuff but wasn’t allowed to take them off the property.

  • Faintheart

    “Honey, have you seen my clogs?”

    “We got rid of them, dear. Don’t you remember when the nice men came and ripped up the driveway?”

  • myra

    Isn’t it ironic that all of the ads (content-chosen, I suppose) are for buying clogs?

  • j!!

    This is 2006! Why can’t we all agree that shoe-consumption should only be about looks, not comfort, and continue our shallow, materialistic, but undeniably sexy lives, as Manolo Blahnik intended?

  • I’ll co-sign on the comment that Denver & Boulder seem to be overrun with crocs and clogs. And I don’t get it because they’re truly fug.

    fight the good fight, dooce!

  • Don’t listen to dhgatsby above. I’m about to hide his in say a fire, or better yet where he’ll never find them, the vacuum closet.

    I’d rather wear jelly shoes again than have to put my feet in a croc. This of course means I’ll probably end up wearing a pair by Christmas.

  • This is so funny. Can’t wait to see how it pans out.

    For the record, my wife encouraged me to get some man clogs. I declined.

  • I can understand your plight, but think of it this way – the Crocs are at least stylish (for the moment anyway), anti-microbial (so they don’t smell like feet), easy to clean, they don’t look like crap as quickly, and are far cooler/funkier looking than most icky clogs on the market today. If I had to choose between clogs or Crocs, I’d go with the Crocs! They are by far the lesser of the two evils! Plus they sell them at Nordy’s!

    It’s ok – people with Crocs and people who wear sexy, strappy-ass pink Jimmy Choo heels can co-exist peacefully! :o)

  • Misty79

    Thank god somebody is looking out for our eyesight! NEVER give them back. NEVER!

  • Erin

    Well, I do believe in a right to wear hideously ugly footwear. I also, however, believe in a right to decide one doesn’t want to have sex with someone who makes such questionable fashion choices.

    I’m all about the pink heels.

  • Jeanette

    Wow, look at all those comments supporting clogs.

    You think Blurb is assuming a bunch of aliases and making those comments? Surely there can’t be THAT many clog supporters. 😉

    I mean, really, didn’t you guys just pay good money to get rid of a big clog in your downstairs toilet? There’s a reason they call those things clogs. Just sayin’.

  • I just have to say – Crocs are heaven-sent especially for the healthcare professional. I wear these things 13 hours a day, and they feel like I’m working in slippers. Gone are the days of sore, stinky feet. The airholes and comfort-factor are just perfect. And I happen to think bright-coloured socks look really cute through the holes. Give the man his Crocs!!!

  • Artemis Rich

    I admit to owning a pair of Crocs. I got them when I was still working as a Sea Kayaking instructor for days when I was not on the water but in the store and on the dock. No worries about getting them wet and they don’t smell (very important caveat when you run around with wet feet for a good portion of the day). Also good for apres-surfing.

    They were also the *ONLY* pair of shoes I could wear during the latter half of my pregnancy, when I developed preeclampsia and my feet swelled to unbelievable proportions. Not to mention the added bonus of not having to bend over to get them on or fasten them (not that I could bend over at all, mind you).

    Now, as of yesterday, my boyfriend’s 12 year old son has claimed them as his own. I suspect I may never wear them again.

    Can someone buy me a pair of Manolo Blahniks now?

  • suz-at-large

    Humph. It’s such a turn-off to see all these people in Denver shuffling around in their oversized plastic Crocs. All I can think of is sweaty stinky feet encased in that rubbery stuff. Yecch. I’ve just ignored the whole bizarre phenomenon. I mean, if you encounter a stranger out in public wearing an ugly outfit, or having a bad hair decade, it would be just bad manners to mention it to them, right?

    There are different kinds of clogs, as others have noted. Birk clogs are SO ugly though many Birk sandals aren’t. I’m really down on clogs right now anyway. I was wearing a pair of nice Clarks leather clogs with a bit of a heel, stepped on a stray little bit of landscaping rock that had rolled onto a sidewalk, came out of the damn shoe in such a spectacular foot-twisting fall that it broke a bone in my foot. And after six weeks in a boot-cast thing I’m now sentenced to wear hiking shoes (!!) until the bone finishes healing.

    Clogs. Bah. Plastic clogs – fooey.

    But, Heather, if the stupid shoes are clean and aren’t old and trashed and he doesn’t wear them to bed – is it THAT big a deal?


    ….just sayin’….

    That and them being featured in my Nordstrom email a couple weeks ago….

    …..and that they take forever to get FROM Nordstrom because they are backordered….

  • I thought this site pretty much sums it up:

    I agree that clogs are NOT attractive and Crocs should only be worn by those in the medical field while at work or by children under the age of 10.

    Sign me up for the war against the Crocs!

  • I am sorry, but Heather, come on. Give Jon his Crocs back. Have you TRIED wearing Crocs? I live in Denver and they are everywhere, and yes, I know, this means nothing, and holds no water, BUT Crocs are comfortable, hold no water, are easy to clean, maintain arch support, easy to slip into and out of, perfect for yard chores, washing your car, and if your dog just happens to happy pee on them, you don’t have to get a sponge and Shout, frantically scrub them, you simply grab a hose, spray, wipe and wear. Most of the time I am diplomatic, and this is one of those situations where I can see no wrong-doing.

  • jen

    as much as those shoes do look like someone hit them with the ugly stick, they’re uber-comfortable for those of us who are on our feet for 8 hours shifts. i finally converted to the croc religion this may and i haven’t looked back yet. granted, they are UGLY but i also don’t get blisters from them and i can deal with being on the move for 8 hours while wearing them.

    give the man back his clogs.

  • They are so comfy and good for your feet… did you try on any pink ones… You can come to the dark side and wear a pair! We would be so happy! I am hoping my hubs gets me a pair for my birthday!

  • Uh, yeah…As long as he’s fixing something with them on he should be allowed to keep them.

  • ShellyGA

    I heard the guy in Colorado who was struck by lightening while riding his motorcycle was wearing Clogs. Now if that isn’t a message from God saying they don’t belong here…then I don’t know what is!

  • *stands in solidarity*

    Seriously. This is the best thing to do in extreme situations such as these.

    *solemn nod*

  • Sorry to say I’m with Jon on this one. Clogs rock. They are kind of anti-fashion. I’m with that. Mind you, I’m not a ‘heel’ type of girl. Give me a pair of thongs (flip-flops) any day.

    Sorry I’m having a not sure whether to write in Australian or English and I don’t know the American quandary!

  • courtney


  • Crocs rock in Cali, Heather. Surfers wear them. Sexy surfers, I tell you. Manly surfers. MMMMM…surfers. Think of the role-playing possibilities!

  • Bekah

    Stop hatin’ on the Crocs. I love mine. And they’re *fuschia*.

  • MissDirected means they should stay BURIED in the garden.

    But the word is cray-on.

  • Nat W.

    Finally, someone else who hates those shoes as much as I do. My step-dad insists on wearing them, and they’re awful!!

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