The best month of the year

July’s masthead is up, and if you can’t see it yet try emptying your cache and hitting refresh a few times. The background pattern and some of the other small details are elements I took from the patterns seen here on Squidfingers. The tagline was inspired by an email I received from a reader named Liz:

“I recently had a dream in which you sailed on the Mayflower. Upon reaching the New World, you dug a bottle of wine out of a hillside and tasted it – you said it tasted like nougat. Moments later you had discovered an abandoned Snickers factory buried deep in the same hillside. You had great hair and wore a very tastefully-patterned, period-appropriate dress.”

It should be a little unsettling, the number of emails I get from people telling me that I have appeared somewhere in their dreams. But I understand how a small something I might have read or looked at during the day ends up floating around in my unconscious and then appears out of nowhere while I’m asleep, and if I were honest and admitted just how much Brad Pitt plays a significant role in my dreams he’d have enough hard evidence to have me arrested. So, no, it’s not weird that people who don’t really know me have dreams about me, I just hope the voice they assign me is soothing and lovely, something completely opposite of the real thing so that they don’t fear ever falling asleep again.

We’re off to a cabin in the desert for a few days with all of my very adorable, toothless family. If you don’t ever hear from me again you can assume they feasted on my dead body and then sold my organs for the money.