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Through the viewfinder

I was reading Kottke this weekend when I realized that we have the exact Kodak Duraflex II that he’s talking about in this entry. It was one of those many wonderful toys that Jon brought into the marriage from his last one, among other things like the Kitchen Aid Mixer and a copy of The Who’s Quadrophenia.

So I grabbed it off the back of a dirty shelf in the basement, fashioned a make-shift hood to connect the viewfinder with our D70 lens, and rushed outside to see what it could do. I was a little frustrated for a while because the lens on the Duraflex works completely backwards, and if you move it to the left the image in the viewfinder moves to the right. I would have known this if I had done a single ounce of research, or knew anything about cameras.

These are some of the first images I captured out on our front porch, and all this week I’ll be featuring photos I have taken this way.

Heather B. Armstrong

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