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The 2007 Golden Globes

My next piece about the Golden Globe awards is up at Alpha Mom:

The Globes have a fighting chance at being fun because they never include a cloying musical number performed by an aging artist — usually Sting when they can’t book Phil Collins — from an animated show I haven’t even heard of. Plus, they do away with the unnecessary banter between presenters that plagues the Oscars, banter that is as painful as any scene from a Ben Stiller movie where everything is going wrong, and just when you think it couldn’t go more wrong, when it seems that is has finally reached the pinnacle of wrongness, a house falls out of the sky and lands directly on the already broken toe of the character who has just found out that the heart he received as a transplant was taken from a third-world dictator who killed orphans as a hobby.

Heather B. Armstrong

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