An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Voicing his concerns

  • JessicaP

    Hooray for Chuck-A-Day photos!

  • You know, from that angle, I can totally see the former congressman in him. He looks quite politician-y in that shot.

  • I love chuck soooo much.

    And that picture of Leta yesterday, definitely my favorite picture yet.

  • Now that’s a former congressman shot if I ever saw one!

  • He looks like a tiny, furry diplomat in training.

  • May the new kitchen be as pretty as the old kitchen, because if you don’t have a nice place to cook, you won’t. Cheers!

  • Bring on the daily Chuck! We love it… especially when Chuck decides to take a huge crap and you decide to share it with us. 😉

  • Because for a minute there I thought that I couldn’t fit one more thing into my “something to look forward to every morning” box, but now? Daily Chuck? Daily Yay! Daily excellent!

  • brandy

    He’s all “I’m only moving if I can paint my room black and sleep on a futon!”

    That’s how I reacted when I was a teenager and had to move so I recognize the expression.

  • There are happy, happy children at my house, knowing that there will be a new Chuck to see every day.

  • GILF2007

    I think Chuck is the 3rd coolest dog (but most photogenic) ever and I’m glad you’re showing his picture every day! I just wish my 2 cooler dogs were half as photogenic as Chuck.

    Thanks for making me laugh these past few years.

  • I feel the same way.

  • erin

    Two Chucks? In one day?
    You’ve just made my day, Heather!
    If the Chuck-a-Day addition is just a preview of things to come, I can’t wait to see the other changes you have in store for us!

  • sasha

    Viva Chuck!

  • He’s hoping the new yard will be suitable for all his wonderfulness.

    Congratulations on the new home.

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