You were always on my mind

Last night Jon, GEORGE!, and I were sitting on the couch watching a little late night television when a preview for “Friday Night Lights” came on during a commercial break. Apparently it has been picked up for a few more episodes, ones that start airing this Sunday night, and I let out an involuntary shriek because this is very good news. This show was my favorite new show of the last year, and I had been worried that it was going to be canceled to make room for, oh, I don’t know, something those nutty people sit around and cook up, maybe a show about cats who can eat with chopsticks. Although that is definitely a show I would watch.

The preview featured some of the best scenes from last year’s episodes, including one where the coach is having a heart-to-heart talk with his 15-year-old daughter who is about to go on a date with the quarterback on his team. I remember seeing that scene for the first time and rewinding it to watch it over and over again, because my father and I had had the same talk when I was that age, the talk where he tells me that all boys do is think about sex. That is What They Do, they think about sex, all the time, and then they think about sex some more. Jon vigorously nodded his head throughout that scene because, he said, there is no greater truth. That when he was in high school he might have had one or two thoughts that weren’t about sex, and even then both of those thoughts were about hamburgers.

Last night we rewound the scene a few times again, and after all of us had a good laugh I asked both of them if this was still true. Do men think about sex every minute of the day? They both sat very still and silent for a couple of seconds and then looked around suspiciously as if they were making sure someone was covering the door while they emptied the cash register.

“It’s a little bit different now,” answered GEORGE!.

And then Jon clarified, “Now it’s only every other minute.”