Thank God for bandwidth

It’s been almost six months since I wrote anything for AlphaMom, and now that a few of my deadlines for other projects have passed I’m excited to start up again. For the foreseeable future, I’m going to concentrate on finding cool music videos online, and this week’s column features five videos from British artists such as Bloc Party, Patrick Wolf, and Simian Mobile Disco. It does not, however, make mention of Oasis, the band that occupied my whole head space for most of the nineties, and was that ever a hard urge to resist. Do you remember that horrible time before the Internet when you’d have to sit through hours and hours of insipid programming on MTV to see even one music video, and even then it was something by Boys II Men? I spent my weeks in college looking forward to Sunday night when Matt Pinfield hosted “120 Minutes,” a two-hour program devoted entirely to videos from indie artists, and then I’d spend the following days frantically searching local CD shops for some of the music I’d heard. OH, PAINFUL ANALOG DAYS.

Sometimes the Internet can be no fun, like all that email from strange, disturbed men who have foot fetishes – NO I WILL NOT SHOW YOU MY TOES – but then sometimes you’re sitting there in bed and have a sudden memory of that one song you used to listened to, and in less than four seconds and eight keystrokes you can be watching the video in your lap:

I think this is what Al Gore had hoped for when he invented the Internet.