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Peep toe wedges

I bought these black leather and velvet wedges on sale for $49 at DSW at the beginning of September to wear with a black skirt and opaque tights at an upcoming conference. They go equally well with jeans and a t-shirt, as long as my toenails are painted, and now that I’ve typed the word TOENAIL on my website I’m going to get a dozen more creepy emails from that dude with a foot fetish. I think I have the exact opposite of a foot fetish, cannot stand to look at feet or toes or a cracked, blistery heel, and when I die the odds are that it will have something to do with a picture of a foot and the fact that I looked at it.

I can’t find these exact wedges on the DSW website, but they do sell something similar on the Chinese Laundry website for $69 in a variety of colors and over at Zappos for $69.95.

And yes, I have small feet for how tall I am.

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