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Newsletter: Month Forty-six

Dear Leta, Yesterday you turned forty-six months old. I’m not sure where the last thirty days went, cannot believe that there are only three weeks until Christmas, but that’s not something I’m allowed to bring up in front of you because that means there’s only…

December 4, 2007


Useful brushes for Photoshop and Illustrator I get asked all the time about the tools I use to make mastheads for this website, and the answer is never simple because I’ve collected all sorts of odds and ends over the last ten years that I’ve…

Reindeer stocking holder set

The fireplace in this house is made out of an impenetrable terrazzo, so in order to hang up our Christmas stockings I had to find a substitute for the wooden mantel we used in the other house. Found this family of sturdy reindeer at Target…


The dog does not play with balls or sticks and has never fetched the morning paper, but toss a snowball at him and he will catch it every time.


These are the smaller rolling hills leading up to the giants along the Wasatch Front.