An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

An accurate reenactment of what it’s like in our house during winter

  • That’s awesome!

    Now, this isn’t related to winter or being sick, but it’s gotta be the funniest video on youtube at the moment.

  • alyn

    Classic. My husband sent me to video links today from friends and refuses to send this one off to his friends.


  • FrankieLee

    I used to date the comedian playing the paramedic before he hit the BBC. Wish I hadn’t dumped him now…

  • Dani

    My husband’s coworkers told him that when the Germans get sick, they warm up a Bitburger Beer and douse it with pepper, lay towels under them and sweat it out all night long, and swear any illness is gone by morning. Maybe you should test this on your hubby sometime. LOL

  • Man-cold always hits our house each year and according to hubs, he’s dying. He’s worse during man-flu. If that’s possible.

  • Seriously. Did You Just Say That?

    100. Joyce (not verified) said:

    Why don’t you just let Chuck eat the Cheerios? You’re just going to throw them away anyway when you get home?

    He must be hungry. Just let him eat them. What’s it going to hurt? … Well? What’s it going to hurt? Why be so uptight and high strung? Settle down. The poor dog is not doing anything wrong. Just relax. Seriously.
    12.07.07 – 12:18 AM”

    OMG Joyce. Shut. Up.

  • SarahC

    Man Stroke Woman should be way more popular than it is, it’s really funny. For the record, I would totally marry Nick Frost.

    In case the last part of the clip was lost on any of you guys in the States, the thing he says he’s going to watch is CBeebies, which is a BBC thing for kids, kinda like Nickelodeon… actually it’s for toddlers, so it’s more like Nick Jr.

  • Only too freaking true. I hate sick men.

  • Sarah

    Brilliant! Bloody brilliant!

  • LOLOL! some of these commenters take themselves WAY too seriously!

    My DH is one who whines but doesn’t want me to do anything. so i bring him tea and leave him alone. pretty good, compared to this stuff!

    and in my house, i figure the person with the cold isn’t sleeping well anyway, so THEY should be the one on the couch. it’s usually me, so i’m not gonna feel guilty about that, either. i do have to explain this to DH when he’s horking all night, but usually he feels too hellish to argue. (evil grin)

  • dewi

    This is spectacularly funny and exactly how my husband behaves when he has a sniffle!

    Something even funnier happened, my husband watched it over my shoulder, and said “I don’t get it what is so funny with this guy being sick?” I’m married to a brilliant mathematician with a PhD.
    I told him it’s an inside joke women have about men!

  • You know what’s funnier than this video? Joyce’s comment above. Is that even for real? Or is she making fun of herself in that second paragraph…

  • littleredhen

    I am so glad to read these comments and know that my house is not the oddity in this world. HRH(my nickname for my husband) has a cold right now and slept with a hat on. He also has no problem waking me up at 3 in the morning to ask me if we have any medicine for him.While he is standing in front of the medicine cabinent. As if it only appears to my vision and not his.

  • I believe a new vaccin was developped by a female
    scientist in order to end this terrible affliction…saddly funding was cut short by the investors…

  • muslemura

    This made my day – thanks for the linage and general fun in this blog 🙂

  • Wow. So very true.

  • Kelly

    Oh My Goodness! I TOTALLY want your stockings! Those are so neat – think your Mom’s friend would make me some? 😀

    side note: I read your blog daily and it always makes me laugh – kudos to you! 🙂

  • Liz

    Hahaha, that video is hilarious.
    Heather, your blog is sheer enjoyment to read.

    I’m sure you’ve gotten this before, but what kind of camera do you use? The shots you take are fantastic!

  • Amy

    That is priceless! This is our house, all the time, not just winter!
    I have found that I am full of empathy, but that’s where it stops. My husband says, “you know exactly how I feel but could care less…” Yep, that about sums it up!

    Thanks! I love your website!

  • A MAN COLD. Oh yes, I’ve run into the MAN COLD with my husband. He once called me home from my parent’s house on my birthday, a 3 hour drive, because he had a stomach ache and needed a six pack of Seven-UP. I thought he was in real trouble till I got home, after driving at unsafe speeds all the way, and got the request for the 7-UP.

    The thing was, he really was in pain. But why couldn’t he call a friend or even stagger to the store, approximately 3 minutes away, and buy the stuff himself? I think getting married trips some switch in the Man Brain, causing them to become utterly helpless and selectively stupid. It’s the only answer.

  • Lizandboys

    Thanks for the laugh…I needed it…husband was home for 2 days w/the Man Cold and now I have two boys home w/the flu…someone save me!

  • TOO TRUE! Funny, whenever I get sick…the hubby mysteriously starts sniffling. I think he psychosomatically brings on his own symptoms, just b/c he isn’t getting the attention he needs. Then he takes half of my cold medicine, and has to spend at least one day in bed. But guess who, even on her deathbed, has to cart The Offspring to school?

    Seriously – he’s a nurse, you think he would know better. But the “man” in him overrides any of his training or education.

  • I have three males at my house. This means when they are struck down with a man cold, I get to look at mountains and trails of used tissues. EVERYWHERE.

    Then there’s the honking, sniffing, coughing, gagging… It’s a good thing no one asks me for soup, because then I’d have to kill them.

  • I hate the man cold. My husband uses that whiney voice CONSTANTLY and it makes me want to murder him. Seriously don’t whine like that.

  • yes. yes! YES! I’ve been with my husband for three years and he’s only ever been sick once in that time, but that time was one time too many for me.

    I had never heard him whine before.

    I’d never heard him complain.

    I felt like I was living in an alternate universe; one where I had just given birth to a 30-year-old boy who needed me to take care of him but didn’t want me to take care of him at the same time. I’ll have to remember the hotel idea.

  • Anonymous

    OMG I’ve heard that had finally captured it on film but I thought it was an urban legend. Thanks for the laughter! Dooce you rock!

    Vesta in Houston

  • I love Nick Frost!

  • Goodness me, not looking forward to when my man gets a man cold 🙁

  • That’s my husband or my brother or my son. Maybe all men are like that. Too funny. Thanks for posting!

  • nicole

    This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve forwarded it to all my girlfriends. *Thank you.*

  • Morgan

    Men certainly seem to be the same the world over, eh? I laughed so hard the dogs came to see what was up…


  • Love!
    “He’s got a man-cold.”

  • Kerri

    I’ve sent this to everyone I know! It’s disgustingly true! I can’t quit laughing. Man-cold! I’ll laugh for the rest of my life!

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