An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

What happened was…

Young preacher and his slip of the tongue This is the kind of sermon that would get me out of bed at seven o’clock on a Sunday morning. I’d even put on pantyhose and say a prayer wherein I asked the Lord to bless all…

January 11, 2008

Made in Vietnam

There’s a story behind this little bear, also known as Asian Bear to Jon’s side of the family. Every Christmas we gather at his sister’s house for a gift exchange, “we” meaning all 45 members of the extended family, and we all throw a white…

Shot in the arm

Chuck is very reluctant to admit this, but he’s having a blast. And so worn out by the end of the day that he’s even too tired to write poetry.


Out walking in the snow with the dogs, trying to make the most of this very long, long, long season. Three inches of fresh snow this morning, snowboarding tomorrow!