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Looking forward to Cinderella IV: Teenage Pregnancy

For Leta’s birthday we got her both the Cinderella II and Cinderella III DVDs because apparently we hate our lives and wish only to suffer endlessly. I haven’t yet sat down to watch either movie, can’t bring myself to find out what would have happened…

February 6, 2008

Izze sparkling drink

This is one of my favorite sweet drinks that I occasionally indulge in, a blend of natural fruit juice with sparkling water. The taste is amazing, very fresh and clean, and I adore the design of the label, but the best part is that they…

So predictable

Some people are very displeased that Coco is being featured so often here in the Daily Chuck section of this website. I asked Chuck if he minded and he was all, did you say something? Because I’m a little distracted by that piece of bacon…


This is my friend, Cami. She’s 19 and acts more mature than I do. Next year she’s probably going to go to BYU, and when I found out I was all dude, you’re going to get so much ass.