An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Breaks out in a rash if fed anything

This morning while dropping Leta off at preschool, I noticed a large pink note taped to the refrigerator door as I opened it to put away her lunch box. I hadn’t noticed it before and so assumed it had been put there recently as a…

March 18, 2008

I imagine that Chuck speaks with the same accent

Dog years Charming short film about a dog and why he does the things he does. I was laughing out loud there, and then BOOM, I suddenly started crying. The end of the video captures perfectly the maddening, soulful relationship people have with their animals….

Tiny porcelain serving bowls

You can probably guess where I picked these up, a certain local antique store that I’ve restricted myself from going to but once a month because I invariably go in and then come out with bags of things we probably don’t need, but we’ve never…

Lingering aroma of dog breath

“Oh my God, the dog smells so bad.” “You see what they do all day. They are constantly chewing on each other.” “You think that’s why she smells like that?” “Dude, if I spent all day licking you you’d smell gross, too.” “Pardon me if…


This is the tree right outside the window in our office. I can see it from where I’m sitting right now at my computer, and I’m actively ignoring the snow that is currently falling all around it.