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If your colors were like my dream

Carol: “Who is this? Culture Club? Is that the one with Boy George?”

Me: “I’ll never forget the first time I saw the cover for this album, I remember thinking how much I loved her eyebrows. And my friend was all, umm, that’s not a her.”

Carol: “Do you hear these lyrics? It’s a bunch of gibberish.”

Me: “Carol, Culture Club was never supposed to make sense.”

Carol: “I just don’t understand any of it.”

Me: “What don’t you understand about ‘red, gold and green… red, gold and greeeeeeeeen.’?”

Carol: “Oohhhhhh. I thought he was saying, ‘Wear gold and green.'”

Me: “Wear gold and green? Are you serious?”

Carol: “Maybe he’s singing about the Green Bay Packers.”

Me: “Oh my god. Boy George did not write a song about the Green Bay Packers.”

Carol: “And he wants to make sure everyone is ready for game day.”

Me: “You have me convinced.”

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