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Her tombstone will read WAS SOLD TO BUTCHER

While visiting the Palm Desert last week with my friend Carol I picked up a fancy hat at a local shop to help defend my delicate butterfly skin from the ferocious rays of the sun. No I’m not kidding, my skin is made of some…

April 15, 2008

Hulahoop, Skipping Rope – Limited edition Gocco Print

One of my favorite artists, Claire Robertson of Loobylu, recently started blogging again after taking a year-long hiatus, and much to the delight of all her fans opened up an etsy shop. That’s where I got this print, although it sold out rather quickly, but…

45 degree angle

I love how Coco believes that if she tilts her head that she’ll better understand what the hell is going on. And Chuck has just resigned himself to the fact that what goes on here will never make sense.

Mr. and Mrs. Giraffe

Recently while trying to thin out Leta’s trash collection I found the Noah’s Ark play set given to her by a neighbor a few years ago. The plastic animals in this set are so adorable — no wonder Noah wanted to snuggle with them for…