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Aboot that recent trip

Jon and I returned from Vancouver last night, and I had planned to sit down and give a summary of our trip today but a slew of phone calls, interruptions and a mild panic attack took over my day. To recover I’m going to go…

May 28, 2008

Hank Hank Bo Bank

I got to spend my weekend with one of the most adorable kids that ever lived. Tip: if you’re ever invited to babysit Hank Mason, dude loves it when you hum the tune to Sanford and Son.

Julia Rothman collector’s mug

This was a gift from a reader named Ally who didn’t even know that I am a huge, huge fan of artist Julia Rothman, and I believe it is available at most Urban Outfitters stores. Her website is filled with inspiration from the patterns she…

Be very afraid

Whenever I post a photo of Chuck baring his teeth like this I inevitably get a slew of emails wondering if Chuck is ever as vicious as he looks. And the answer is no. Never. This is his playful face. Two seconds after this he…