the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Mr. P tape dispenser

Miranda and Jenna in Vancouver (hi, guys!) gave this tape dispenser to me at my meet and greet (found one online here), and when they handed it to me they said that when they saw it they thought of me, and can I just say THANK GOD. Sometimes someone will send me a link to something in an email, and usually the recommendations are spot on, but there’s the occasional email where the sender sees something and thinks of me immediately, and I go see what that something is and it’s a lamp in the shape of a Bud Lite can. And I’m all, oh dear. I remind someone of cheap beer. You can tell a lot about what people think of you by the links they send you. Which reminds me, thanks to everyone who sent me a link to this. I think it addressed my life perfectly.

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