Reusable magnetic display system

Many of you were curious as to how I hung certain pictures on my walls (seen here with the “Flock” screenprint), some even wondering if I had painted my walls with magnetic paint. It’s actually much easier, a little contraption call Magnart: “Simply attach the metal backing plate with a nail or with an included 3M clean-remove adhesive tab. Artwork is held in place between the super-powerful Magnart magnet and the backing plate, with no pinholes or damage to the work.”

I’ve got over a dozen prints and illustrations displayed this way around the house. I love the clean look of it and the fact that you can easily change out a piece of art. Also, if you get a wild hair and decide to move something there is little to no damage caused to your walls. Tiny caution: those magnets are super strong, and if you’re not careful you can snap some of your skin between the two pieces. And I don’t recommend you go playing around with these near anything particularly delicate on your body, if you know what I’m saying. I’m looking specifically at college students right now who are trying to procrastinate studying for an exam and are all, I wonder what would happen….