How I spent my morning

This morning Jon and I were interviewed live on KUER’s RadioWest with Doug Fabrizio (that same old dude who interviewed me for Utah Now), and man are those people rude. First they frisked us when we walked in the door, and the security guard demanded to know what I had hiding in my shirt. And I was all, that’s not a gun, that’s a padded bra, but thanks for asking. GLAD WE CLEARED THAT UP HERE IN THE LOBBY IN FRONT OF 15 STRANGERS. Then they proceeded to drip water on my head throughout the entire interview, my guess is to distract me from all the muffled, terrified screaming I could hear coming from the closet, which I later found out is where they store their slaves. Sex slaves. Not to mention the fact that Doug repeatedly turned off his mike in between questions to insult my mother.

You can listen to the entire hour-long interview here, but if you’re in a hurry I come in at about the 20 minute mark, Jon comes in toward the very end. As you listen to this I want you to imagine trying to hold it together while being interviewed by someone who routinely eats panda bears.