An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

While standing in line for security at the airport

Me: “Here, smell my arm. I bought a new body lotion.” Jon casually sniffs my elbow and then pretends to gag. Dramatically. Me: “What, you don’t like it?” Jon: “It smells like hot garbage in Brooklyn.” Me: “You’re an asshole.” Jon: “You’re in love with…

July 18, 2008

Handmade gift tags

I bought these several months ago from an Etsy store called Every Jot and Tittle and use them on all sorts of gifts. They’re great to have handy, and what is so awesome is the fact that I think she used a Photoshop brush that…

Keeping watch

We haven’t seen these guys since Saturday because of all the traveling we’ve done and are doing this week, and yesterday Jon said to me, “I want you to punch me in the face after I say this, but I really miss those damn dogs.”

Stinky Bug

We’re in San Francisco for the next few days, and last night I got to snuggle with one of my favorite dogs in the world. And since my birthday is tomorrow I’m considering that an early gift from the Universe.