An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Pay attention, this one’s complicated

Several months ago when we had Coco fixed the vet sent us home with a packet of information that included a giant red piece of paper covered in a warning about how important it was to make sure that the dog did not lick her…

August 19, 2008


If you’re thinking, “Um, that sheep isn’t taking Coco very seriously,” you’d be entirely correct because two seconds later Coco had its back leg in her mouth, and the look on the sheep’s face was OMG, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO CATCH ON THIS QUICKLY.


This is Coco’s mother. And, wow, does her temperament explain a few things. Coco has all of her mother’s personality: totally sassy, overprotective, anxious. When Lucy saw Coco this weekend it was like, shit kid. I thought I sent you away months ago, and no,…