This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Gold leaf coyotes or foxes, I can’t decide

Okay. So. These little guys called out, no, SCREAMED out my name when I walked into the Green Ant the other day. I found them sitting behind a stack of Eames chairs, and I scooped them immediately into my warm embrace. I was told they are covered in gold leaf, but I wanted to know how the person who made these fifty years ago knew what my miniature Australian Shepherd was going to look like. Because OH MY GOD. I just bought a golf leaf sculpture of my dog. And I know that’s tacky, beyond tacky even, that’s plastic flowers lining the soil underneath the mailbox that’s been painted to look like a pig kind of tacky, but there was no way I could let anyone else own these. Jon refers to them as The Abominations. Have you ever seen such an adorable abomination?

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