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Change tastes great

Me: “Jon, can you pose for me.” Jon: “Do you want me to flex or flash my abs?” Me: “Try posing as if you’re in a bikini, but please, keep your clothes on. My mom is going to see this.” Jon: “How about this?” Me:…

September 19, 2008

They blew the door in

Treats for two very patient dogs: the cutting board Jon used to chop up the cooked chicken. Not looking forward to Coco’s farts after this.

Spring trees letterpress print

This was one of the many, many goodies Jon brought back from Yee-Haw Industries, and it was the perfect inspiration I needed to draw up plans for our bedroom. We’ve never really gotten around to decorating our bedroom since we moved into this house a…

For now her name is Puppy

….. UPDATE: Just talked to Carol (Monday afternoon), and they have narrowed it down to a couple of names. She assures me they will have a decision by tonight, and I will let you know the minute she tells me. If she doesn’t choose one…