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  • You and Jon fight over the weirdest things.

  • Andrew

    I would feel terrible for the needy family, I would, but absolutely never in my life would I give money to support someones drug habit. DRUGS = GANG VIOLENCE = innocent victoms.

    I will follow this up by saying I have been struggling with the thought of gang violence recenly. I think I have become prejudiced about anybody who resembles a gang member because of it. Maybe I am old, but I just don’t get it. Why do we continue to let us kill each other over what useually ends up being drugs?

  • I would give the money. The good you’d be doing would outweigh the bad. The people buying crack would be buying it anyway but this way you get to help deserving people as well.

  • I totally would. You would be helping a needy family, and contributing to Darwinism in motion.

  • C-

    hmmmm. Very clever question.

    I am all for bailing out Wall Street (the crack family) If it will save Main Street (the hungry family)


  • Chris

    Bailout anyone?

  • Malita

    I’d tell them no and take the first family to a program that would give treat them as an individual and not lump them with the crack family – then I’d sneak the kids away from the crack heads and feed them and find them better parents and have the parents put out in the country on a working farm – my company has a great program that I work with for families that have been affected by hardship – we literally look at each individual family and if we can’t help them to the extent they need we pool other organizations to help – hard work yes, but effective. And let’s be honest – we have more time now than we ever had – if we can play on facebook and blogs we DO have the time to help people, myself the blog fan included.

  • My take is that the act of giving is the end itself and not a mean to justify the end (in this case the money to eat or the crack)
    Giving to both is an act of kindness whether they decide to use it for money or crack but the basic assumption is that I am helping/giving to someone
    I am not looking to sponsor someone’s drug habit but I think giving is good for the giver and the receiver

  • Absolutely not.

  • obamabot

    Are we still talking donation? Or taxes?

    Because a tax “is not a voluntary payment or donation,” nor is it supposed to be spent on any specific benefactor, but toward the public good for which no specific benefits are obtained.

    So are you talking about a donation for crackheads and starving families? Or taxes?

  • Christy Wood

    #9….well said.

  • Jen

    Yes, I would. The children would probably starve without help, and they can’t help their situation. There isn’t any guarantee that the crackhead will do harm while he’s high.

  • Jenny


  • Jill

    Nope. Turn around and show grace to the family who doesn’t have a dinner on the table around the corner. Too hypothetical and black and white. Not to be too nike, but just do it.

  • Anonymous

    I turn to Spock (as in Star Trek, not Dr.): The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few

    therefore, help the family –

    Basically, as others have said, you cannot rationalize NOT helping people when you are able to help by creating a false counterweight of “but someone else will do something “bad”

  • Margie

    would definately give the money to feed the children. . no child should ever be hungry in this world. . no matter what

  • no- i wouldn’t.

    but i would spend my time teaching the family in need how to earn money. i would help them learn a trade, or help them raise money through a church or school. giving them money would only help temporarily.

    what’s that phrase- give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

    yeah- that’s more my style.

  • Megan

    Yes, without hesitation. Helping a hungry family to eat is a bigger good than helping a crack addict get high is a bad. Also, I wish that UnbalancedLibra (#19) and his or her ilk would stop ranting about the guvmint and bleeding heart liberals. It’s so 1994.

  • dd

    I would be more creative and find some other way to help that family without helping the other.

  • Assuming you had the money to give, it would take a real prick to say no… giving isn’t about attaching strings, FFS. You give because it’s the right thing to do, and what the recipient ultimately does with the gift doesn’t involve or concern you.

    If you had qualms about what the crack-smokers were going to do with the cash, then your gift isn’t about doing what’s right, or helping the family in need – it’s more about your own ego.

  • Toni

    Absolutely. The family who needs food trumps the crackhead.

    To the person who left the comment about “bleeding heart liberals:” I haven’t heard that kind of crap since “All in the Family” went off the air. Come on, Archie Bunker, step into the new millennium. Also, you can choose to think of your tax dollars as paying for police, fire fighters and the DEA if you want. You don’t have to see it as your tax dollars paying for, god forbid, foodstamps.

    (BTW, the comment about the crackhead’s fix “being the last one” is really ignorant. Crackheads don’t overdose. Smoking crack isn’t something that kills directly like injecting cocaine or heroin.)

  • I’d donate it. Why should the kids and the hungry family suffer because of the crack user? Also, in a glass half full, rose colored glasses with a sparkling rainbow overhead that has shooting stars zipping by leaving sparkling trails in their wake, point of view…perhaps, in this scenario, the crack user would take the money and NOT buy crack…*sigh* I like a happy ending.
    Besides you said give the crack user the money, that’s not giving him crack, I’d like to think there’s always a choice, and it’s not written in stone. What’s that? Did I just hear birds start singing merrily as the sun set, a rosy ball of light on the horizon bringing with it the distant scent of flowers……music swells up…credits roll……
    Yep, give the money, maybe the ending would be nicer than we think. *grins*

  • Yep!

  • Melissa W


  • Suzi

    This sounds oddly similar to where my taxes already go

  • No. I would do everything I could to ensure that a local food bank got food for the family, but I couldn’t buy crack.

    Oh, but kalen @25 – crack addicts don’t generally own cars, and if they do, they don’t drive them high. Crack addicts sit around when they’re high, and drive when they need a fix. So think about THAT.

  • Lisa

    I would have to say yes because at the very least……you are helping somebody to feed innocent children who need the assistance…..I would have to not think about the crack family and only the ones truly in need to make it justified. It is all about those that we HELP in a good way……..that is the focus, I believe.

  • duck_jb

    I would donate it. If I didnt donate it would be cold comfort to the family to know that it was because I was ‘trying to do the right thing.” Anyone who has seen their family go hungry knows there is oftent imes little room for moral high ground when your kids bellies are empty.

  • Veronica

    This is difficult, but I’d give the money. I know what drug addiction can do to people and the great lengths they’ll go to in order to feed their addiction, the hungry family is depending on me.

  • Mike

    I would buy them a grocery store gift card or take them to the store and pay for what they needed.

  • Children are innocent creatures in this world, we have absolutely no reason for them to go hungry. They are our responsibilities.

  • Going over the comments, people have some interesting reasons for saying no – mostly very abstract (ie – butterfly effect), or providing solutions to the problem, which kind of defeats the purpose of the question.

    I think it’s better if people just say yes or no, without all the what-ifs and “ha! I’ve come up with a win-win solution!”

    And also,
    I like #51’s reply the best 😛

  • Stephanie A.

    the crackhead will get his/her fix no matter what, so helping the family is the obvious choice.

  • Cara

    A crack addict will always find a way to get what they want – those who are hungry usually suffer…so i would still donate the money and save the crack addict from having to steal from someone else for at least that one hit, and feed hunger at the same time.

  • reelmomof4

    Hmmm. . . I think I would try to give food instead of money. If that were a possibility. It does avoid giving money to the crack addict. We have fed a few down and outers who were clearly addicted to something, but did not give the actual money. Seems like the better thing to do. I understand the issue of the kids being involved though. I would want to help for the kids.

  • Grant

    Hello, 9th grade. What a childish mental exercise.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. The crack buyer will find some other way to get crack anyway.

    For some reason, this reminds me of people who don’t want to pay taxes to help other people who really need it–because you never know, some of it might end up in the hands of a lazy person. Hmmmmmmmm.

  • Anu

    Yes I would. I see no point in punishing the hungry family because of the crack addict.

  • Kris

    Well the nice thing about your vote for a Democratic candidate is that you won’t have to answer questions like that. The Governement won’t give you the choice – they will just take it from you and you will like it. :o)

    But for me? I would not give the family money – I would give them food. And throw a few pounds to the crack addict, too.

  • Oh yeah, followup: I’d donate money to the food bank, of course. A lot. And then I’d go donate to

  • I wouldn’t even think about it, given the fact that I *knew* the hungry family would use it to feed and nourish themselves and their children.

    Whilst the crack addict doesn’t need the drug to sustain his life, the family does need the food to sustain their lives. The crack addict if going to get his fix one way or another, and likely he might harm someone else in an effort to obtain the drugs.

  • Danielle

    #70: very very well said.

  • Side on generosity.

  • Yes, I would. The positive of feeding a family is worth even a sacrifice like this, knowing you’d be feeding a crack addict’s habit, too.

  • Michelle

    Yes, I would do it. It didn’t take me long to decide.

    The people I’d be giving money for crack to are probably already addicted, which means they would find some other way to get the crack no matter what.

  • Tara’s Mom

    Yes, although I hope there is something left for people to give in the future. When and if my family ever needs it, I’m afraid the pantry will be bare.

  • Laura

    Yes, I would. It’s the right thing to do.

  • Absolutely. If I give, I give freely with no stipulations, and preferably anonymously.

  • Jen


    I’d invite the family over for dinner. I’d make them a wonderful dinner and eat it with them. Then, I’d make their kids hot fudge sundaes with whipped cream and cherries for dessert. I’d let them know they can come over for dinner anytime they’d like.

    After they left, I’d find the crack addict and give him/her a sandwich. Crack addicts get hungry too.

  • Tamara in GA

    Yes. Children shouldn’t suffer for adults bad choices.

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