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Escada, Into the Blue

I’ve always been hesitant to wear a fragrance because the products I use to wash and style my hair have such a strong and distinct smell that I thought wearing something on top of that would only create conflict. Also, I’m really picky about perfume and have been known to throw up my breakfast when confronted with certain floral scents. But this fragrance totally does it for me, and I’m not quite sure how to describe it. The product description says that it has notes of crumpled green leaves, fresh herbs, tagette, star fruit, peony, water fruits, white cedar wood, musky cocktail, amber notes, and wet woods. And when I first read all those details I was like, someone is smoking some great weed. Because I can’t smell any of those things. All I know is it makes me feel fresh and soft. Plus, Jon loves it, too. Which is probably important because we share pillows and occasionally saliva.

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