Public service announcement

We currently have about 14 different projects going on right now to the point that our lives are no longer our own, but everything is going to be wrapping up later this afternoon when Jon and I will finally be able to resume picking on each other and complaining about the weather. That means regular posting will resume tomorrow and is certain to include references to nipples.

Two orders of business: Bloglines is not currently picking up my RSS feed, so if you are using this application to read my website you might not have seen any updates for a couple of weeks. We’ve sent several emails but have yet to hear from a live person as to when this problem will be fixed. In the meantime Jon suggests you check out Google Reader for all your feed needs. Try this feed URL if you are having problems:

Also, several of you have written to say that the link to purchase the Chuck calendar does not work for you. We’ve investigated the problem, and because the link works for the majority of users Jon thinks the problem is that the vendor we are using, Cafe Press, may be blocked by the computer you’re using. Not sure how to get around this dilemma other than to suggest visiting this link when you are on a different computer, or perhaps try copying the following URL and pasting it into your browser:

Finally, for those of you who live in states where it is now against the law to talk on your cell phone while driving your car, please enjoy the following instructional video: