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Warning: your dogs may go batty

Earlier this week a reader named Jen sent me a link to the following video about an odd animal friendship, and I’ll just go ahead and admit that when I watched it I just sat there and bawled into the sleeve of my shirt even though all of the animals lived. Which is pretty much the standard I use during pregnancy to decide what I will and will not watch: hardcore porn with goats? Totally fine as long as none of the goats die in the end. And if you suggest I watch a television show or a movie without disclosing that the dog gets hit by a car or the horse breaks its leg, then I’ll just go ahead and FedEx a box of poop to your mother.

This video reminded me of one of my favorite Flickr contacts, Back in the Pack, the photostream of a dog daycare in Calgary, Alberta. I love checking my Flickr feed only to find photos of dogs like Teeka, Luigi, Andie, Hannah, Bailey, and Jack, animals I will never really know who still hold a dear place in my heart. They also post videos, and the following two are ones I will show to the next person who asks me whether or not it’s worth it to get a dog:

And just for fun, a link to one of my favorite dog photos ever.

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