Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

This kid better get used to hand-me-downs

  • Lisa

    Yes! Girls are the best…I have 3 girls and we have so much fun. I can’t image how happy Leta is!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!

  • Erin

    I’m so so happy for all of you Armstrongs! Congrats to all of you, and most especially Leta for getting her very special wish for a little sister granted.

    Of course, when little sister is copying everything she does, and generally being a gigantic pain, she’ll be wondering why she didn’t wish for a brother. (I only speak from experience–I’m 4.5 yrs. older than my sister.)


    But congratulations to you all! What wonderful, exciting news!

  • Melissa

    So, Princess Aurora it is!!


  • Congratulations, Armstrongs.

    The getting-to-recycle-Leta’s-stuff thing is a nice bonus. (I do like having one of each, tho. My son came first, and when my daughter exited the womb, I was thrilled, not only because I would get to experience fathering a child of each sex, but also because the “should we try again for a girl?” conversation was immediately negated, and the vasectomy appointment moved to the top of the To Do list.)

  • Congrats! 🙂

  • Yay! Princess Aurora, right? My 6yo daughter was very impressed with that.

  • Congrats!!! My brother wanted to name my baby sister Light Bulb so Princess Aurora isn’t so bad. She’s my fav princess too!

  • Congrats! We like out numbering the boys in our house too!

  • Excellent! Leta is probably SO excited. At least Jon has Chuck.

  • Melinda

    Nothing is sweeter than a daddy who’s enamored by his daughters. Hubby hoped #2 would also be a girl, and he’s simply so good with both of them, I can’t imagine life any differently. Congrats!

  • Jessica

    Hooray for girls! cogratulations Armstrong Family!

  • Sara

    So many congratulations to your family. I think Princess Aurora Armstrong is a FABULOUS name. 😉

  • Stephanie S





    TO JON

  • Jill

    Yay!!! That is so exciting! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! How long do you think Leta will call her Princess Aurora?

  • Joy

    My step daughter is having a girl too! Just found out today!


  • Yay for that baby girl that she’ll be getting hand-me-downs from her big princess sister! Mine came from my brother and with the short hair growing up (I had a choice between a pixie and a shag – shudder!) it was no fun when strangers would comment “What a cute little boy!”

    Congratulations to everyone!

  • Tehmi

    It turns out Princess Aurora will survive middle school after all! Congrats!!!!

  • Congratulations!!! Thanks for adding the little arrow to point out the “girl parts” – cool.

  • Shannon

    Yay! Congratulations! Hopefully this kid will wear pants!

  • Michele

    Congrats Heather and Leta! Sorry Jon. 🙂 We’re due with our 2nd boy soon…..I feel like I’m going to be surrounded by penises but you have a damn good point about the simultaneous menstruating females. Poor Jon.

    BTW – I couldn’t love you more for your daily image with Yo Gabba Gabba. We’re big, big fans of the show and it pleases me to no end to see that thumbnail of DJ Lance’s fuzzy head image.

  • My wife and I were split on the issue of whether or not to circumcise our son. I told her, “There’s no way I’m signing the consent papers for that surgery.” She didn’t sign the consent papers either.

  • Sue

    I am just a believer that somehow, SOMEHOW those older sibs just KNOW. My son never considered for a minute that he could be getting a little brother. He said there was no way he could love that baby if it was a boy. Never wavered for a second. And, like Leta, he was right.

    Congratulations, Dooce, on your happy happy family.

  • Oh! Oooh! Congratulations on Princess #2!

  • Congrats to all of you! 🙂

  • Congrats, Heather! I don’t think I ever want boys; girls are so much better. It will be fun to see the dynamic between your two girls!

  • Congratulations!

    Girls are just lovely.

    And I should know, because… I am one. x

  • Leah

    Congrats! I grew up in a family of girls. It was the best. My dad was such a girl dad. My sister and I are so different, but she is my best friend and I love spending time with her after i got out of those teen years. Leta will be the boss – as was I. I still am the most honest and blunt with her. She knows when I hate something, when I love something and when I think she is an idiot. I do not know what life would be like with a brother, but I would never trade a sister for anything.

  • Congratulations on another little girl!

    Best wishes ~~

    jenny 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Yay Baby Girl Blurbodoocery!!!

    Very, very exciting. Also, excellent that everything went well at this ultrasound. Way to post the update so quickly too 🙂 Have a great weekend and enjoy the newfound imagination-ramifications of knowing just that much more about Stretch.

  • Shelly in St. Louis

    Congratulations to the family. I also have 2 girls and they are alternately best friends or sworn enemies. Mine are only 51 weeks apart though and are now teenagers, so that’s a bit different. Also, my youngest is taller than the oldest so for us it’s actually hand me ups v. downs!

    Take care of yourself and the lil peanut to be!

  • I’m in my 20s and still living off of hand-me-downs. It’s not a frugal thing, it’s a lifestyle thing!

  • Congratulations! I have always had this weird fantasy of having four daughters… in my reality I am still wrapping my mind around the idea of having one child. Very exciting news!

  • L.

    Congratulations! Just found out we are expecting a girl in late May, so I’m right there with ya. (Except our first child is a boy, so this is all new to me.)

  • Congrats!

  • Katie

    Congratulations!!! I have one sister and she is my best friend in the entire world! I sometimes feel bad that my daughter will never have a sister….but not bad enough to have a third child.

  • Jan

    Huzzah. Not that a boy couldn’t be fun, but I think this configuration will work out well for you.

  • Congratulations . . . I forget, is at least one of the dogs male?

    Jon, bro – good luck!

  • Krissa

    Yay, Princess Aurora! SO much less awkward than “prince.”

    Congratulations, Dooce & Co!

  • Yay! Congratulations! Hand me downs are the best!

  • Is that the “hamburger” that everyone talks about? I finally see it (I think) for the first time in your ultrasound.


  • MissHudson

    Congrats! Wonderful news.

  • Jennifluff

    Congrats! Leta totally called it. My son called it when I was pregnant with my second son. We all thought it was a girl because the pregnancy was so different from my first son. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on his part…sometimes wishful thinking works!

  • Lora

    I am so thrilled that everything is going well for you and the new baby. Congratulations to all the Armstrongs!

  • Victoria

    How exciting! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! I had 2 sisters, and well…there’s just nothing else like it 🙂

  • Mary

    Congrats! Princess Leta is going to make a fabulous big sister to a baby girl!

  • Robert

    Congratulations on Fawnzelle’s little…sibling.

    Not to poo on your parade, but I can think of at least 5 people who were not forecast properly by an ultrasound; 2 boys were supposed to be Amber and Jennifer, and the father of three girls had been told thrice that his wife was expecting a baby boy. Not to mention a girl in high school who was originally believed to be her mother’s tumor.

    That said…YAY FOR BABY!

  • Congratulations Blubodoocery! Although, I can’t possibly relate. My life is a sausage-fest. Hubby, 2 sons, 2 dogs and a cat. Not a “girl part” to be seen….

    Leta, congratulations! You’re in charge.

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