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The Daily Coyote

Many, many months ago I got an email from a reader telling me about her sister who lives in Wyoming, how she had adopted a coyote after its parents were shot for killing sheep and was taking pictures and writing about her adventures raising this…

January 29, 2009

Jon’s side of the bed

This is Chuck’s favorite place in the house, the warm spot right there next to Jon’s pillow. In the winter this is where he sleeps all day because there are no warm sun spots coming through the windows. Coco is not normally here with him,…

Swimming lessons

Last week Leta started swimming lessons, and that went about as well as to be expected. Meaning we got her to put her foot in the water.

The halfway point

About a month before I found out I was pregnant my friend Carol mentioned that her gym was running a deal where two people could share a personal trainer once a week for a significant discount. Since then we’ve been spending an hour every Friday…