The Daily Coyote

Many, many months ago I got an email from a reader telling me about her sister who lives in Wyoming, how she had adopted a coyote after its parents were shot for killing sheep and was taking pictures and writing about her adventures raising this wild animal. I linked to The Daily Coyote the day that I got that email, and from there her story spread like wildfire. Now that story is a book, one that I read in a single sitting which is saying a lot since my attention span is such that I can rarely sit through the plot of a two-hour movie. It’s such a fantastic story, and I found myself mesmerized by her descriptions of the country, the simplicity of her way of life, and the connection she has with this animal. I would not be surprised if there are already plans in place to make this into a film, and while I was reading the book I kept thinking, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Go read this book and be prepared to have your heart changed forever.