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I’m betting that readers in the Southern Hemisphere are busier applying SPF than they are looking for scarves, but for the rest of us here are some options for adding a pop of color or pattern to a winter wardrobe:

1. Multicolored scarf Victoria’s Secret $45

2. Lightweight cashmere wrap Banana Republic $69

3. Blue Ice Scarf PhylPhil $40

4. Sunday Toy Scarf Anthropologie $42

5. Giant Blue Sea Tones Knit Cowl Neck Warmer Daylite and Dark $37

6. Incognito cowl HappyKnits $62

7. New Orleans Scarf, Lemongrass with Fuschia TrickyKnits $46

8. Birds In Paris Scarf Urban Outfitters $24

9. Autumn colored scarf Able’s Cables $40

10. Cozy Oh Honey Scarf BossyBoots Design $72

Heather B. Armstrong

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