Sugar Lemon Body Lotion

About a year ago when we took a “vacation” to San Diego (I use the term “vacation” here interchangeably with “nightmare”), I picked up a bottle of lemongrass and lavender body lotion at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort that was the best smelling body lotion I have ever used. Problem is you can’t get that lotion anywhere except for the resort, can’t order it online, so I had to make it last as long as I possibly could. I’m tempted to pay someone who lives in San Diego to drive to that hotel and pick me up a box full of that lotion. You didn’t think a bottle of lotion could be so transforming, did you? YOU’D BE WRONG.

I have since had to find a substitute lotion, and although this Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion didn’t change my life like that San Diego lotion did, its scent is divine. Makes me smell like I’ve been sipping a lemon drop on the porch in June while watching the sun go down. Sure, the texture of the lotion is smooth and it absorbs well into the skin, but for me body lotion is all about scent. And this one is a keeper.