Nameless Baby Armstrong

Jon: “What about Alexandra?”

Me: “Oooh, I like it!”

Jon: “FINALLY! That’s the first time I’ve suggested a name that you like.”

Me: “Because that’s the first time you’ve ever suggested a name!”

Jon: “That’s not true.”

Me: “Oh, yes it is! Go ahead, list off all the names you’ve suggested.”

Jon: “I’ve suggested plenty.”


Jon: “There was …”

Me: “…”

Jon: “… um …”

Me: “Jon …”

Jon: “… let’s see … um …”

Me: “You are totally proving my point.”

Jon: “I can’t think straight when you’re being mean.”

Me: “This is not mean. Mean is when I tell our daughter that her father was so uninterested in her that HE ONLY SUGGESTED ONE NAME.”