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Summer of 1977

You can probably guess that we’ve done nothing the last two days but download and listen to everything Peter Frampton has ever recorded (legally, from Amazon). And step aside Coldplay, Frampton is now the new kitchen dancing music, although Leta has had to ask Jon to turn it down, Dad, more than once. Here is Jon doing his best interpretation of his twelve-year-old self at the end of “Do You Feel Like We Do.” Keep in mind, there is a whole seven or eight minutes of this that I could have uploaded, but I’m kind enough not to put you through all of that.

Also, this? This right here? This is why I married this man.

  • my 4th grade music teacher taught us this song to perform at our year-end recital – likely to legitimize his wanting to listen to it EVERY DAY and get paid – I am still amazed at the “human” sound the guitar makes

  • Sammi

    I hope the man I fall in love with is half as awesome as Jon. That’d still be a WHOLE lot of awesome.

  • krisuponastar

    First, Leta looks just like him when she dances and second, if I wasn’t already in love with an amazing air guitarist, I would be now!

  • rachel

    I know this has nothing to do with this video, but what ever happened to the monthly newsletter that you did for so long??! I haven’t seen it in the last few months!
    I totally get if you’re so swamped with the two girls- I just hope you didn’t stop the tradition altogether! those are things to cherish!

  • Hee. I totally see where Leta gets her mad dancing skills. You guys are the most awesome family ever!

  • As one who has seen Frampton three times… once at age 14 in upstate NY, once at age 25 in Connecticut (with David Bowie! omg), once at age 30-mumble at a little House of Blues show in Myrtle Beach… I feel like you do, Armstrongs. Love him oh, so very much. “Penny (For Your Thoughts)” is one of my all-time favorite instrumentals. I just wish he’d come to Hawai`i sometime soon… I would give almost anything right now for a big ole earful of Peter! (that sounded wrong, but oh well. I HAVE MY NEEDS.)

  • I wanna see the other 8 minutes.

  • Shelah

    He is a cutie. I suggest you two appear together on David Lettermen. He would enjoy your sense of humor; it would give you another chance to meet and annoy a person in 1st class; and it would show The Bonnie Hunt show how a guest is treated.

  • Anonymous

    I love it. Can we see the other 8 minutes? Please!!!!!

  • Lisa

    I hope someday you see Rick Springfield at the airport.

  • I showed this to my hubby His reaction?

    “I challenge that man to an air guitar duel!”

    Totally hot husbands rock.

  • You two are nerds in the best possible way. Like Mike Myers says about Frampton Comes Alive: “If you lived in the suburbs, you were issued it.” We have it on vinyl and CD.


  • Camille

    you were great on Bonnie Hunt!! You saved that segment from the Kardashians!!

  • This is a better reason to get married than most I’ve seen. This is why my best friend married her husband, except he does air ‘symbols’…CHINGGGGG

  • Jon is pretty awesome. Score for you Heather. Too bad my hairy husband is way hotter.

  • Jon looks like he’s having a spasm at 0:10 or so.

  • GUITAR FACES! hahahahahaha

  • frank

    Whoa. Major Larroquette action there.

  • Anonymous

    My 6 year old daughter says Chuck the Senegal Bushbaby looks a like a flower with a stem tail. Also Go Jon, GO!

  • Cassidy Stockton

    Does life get better than this? Good choice, Heather, he’s a keeper (as if you didn’t already know this).

  • HEATHER. First, that is awesome. Second, I saw you on Bonnie Hunt today (well, I knew you were going to be on, I don’t usually watch the show) – and I fell in love with you all over again. Hilarious. The stapler comment was priceless. I wish you would have said something about nursing with implants. They would’ve been all, “HUH?”

  • lily

    Your husband is really cute. What a lucky lady. I just saw you on the BH show. I think they should have let you and Bonnie’s mom hang out together instead of the whole segment on the K girls.

  • I saw Peter Frampton the Summer of ’77 – the year I graduated High School! Yeah, I’m old….but “Do you feel like you do?” – Yes I do!

  • love it.

  • Gretchen

    AWWWWW, YEAH!!!!

  • Figtron

    Hell yeah.

    I would like to see him do that again, this time wearing a long, bleached-blonde mullet styled wig.

  • That. Is. Amazing.

  • I have no sound on my computer… and this was the cutest thing WITHOUT it. Cannot imagine I could cope with the cute-ness WITH sound. Frampton and Blurb CLEARLY rock.


  • You’ve got to get Rock Band for John. Trust me. My husband works up a sweat just playing the drums. It’s awesome 🙂

  • the niffer


    My hubby says that next year at SXSW he wants to see Jon’s air guitar in person. And yes, I’ll be asking Mat to get your autograph again. :* You never know, your John H. could have changed drastically in a year.

  • Meg

    To funny. I have to admit though. I was checking out the cork board even more than watching your hubby be a goof-I mean, Rock god!
    We have a cork board in our kichen too. So handy.
    Might I suggest that it is time to upgrade to a bigger size or at least a collage of 4?! It looks like you are plum out of room 🙂

  • Saw you on BH today…I think Bonnie could barely make it through the interview with the two idiot Kardashians…I can’t believe they were able to breed. Sad, really. You, on the other hand, looked gorgeous and were very witty!! Nice job. Two bad you had to be with those morons. Poor Bonnie.

  • Katherine

    And that, be assured, is definitely a totally valid way to pick out a spouse.

  • Anonymous

    I love your family.

  • Katie Kat

    OMG… I WISH my hubby would let loose like that – and not even if I was taping him! Jon is adorable in the best of all bestness. What a great guy (don’t get me wrong, I’d have stolen him if I knew he was out there… ummmmm, maybe. You kinda scare me. In a good, non-threateningly idolization kind of way that is totally non-stalkery. Even tho I have dreams of meeting you. And we’re totally best friends. Totally.) Ahem…

  • Joe

    I believe he played guitar, bass, and drums in that piece.

  • Was he drunk?
    He looked drunk.
    Like maybe he fell over a little at the end.
    Oh, I forgot, you have a small infant.
    He’s beyond drunk.
    All of the time.
    Am I drunk?
    No, I am pumping.
    I will be drunk in forty-two minutes.
    Give or take.

  • Bravo!

  • Natasha

    I love it!!!! BTW everytime I hear Viva La Vida now i always think about Leta dancing…makes me smile everytime!!!!

  • Ha Ha Go Jon, and on ya Chuck for a brilliant impersonation of an Australian Frill necked lizard

  • Not bad. He may just have a future in an air band at that rate! 😉

  • Anonymous

    what strikes me the most is how much Heather and her husband are so impressed with themselves! And the lemmings that follow you and kiss your ass are just priceless! LOL What a bunch of useful idiots! You are both really not funny.

    p.s. – how’s that hope and change thing working out for you!?? Stupid idiot!

  • Vanessa

    You are a lucky, lucky lady! I have to get my boyfriend drunk before he lets loose like that.

  • Cute clip of the hubby! And here is where I will admit, in front of the entire Internet, that when the hubby and I got together and the whole “air guitar” thing came up in conversation I said; “You know I don’t think I’ve ever seen an air guitar–what do they look like?” This is but one of many illustrations of my “I Love Lucy” tendencies.

  • Katelyn

    SERIOUSLY, Why can’t I find a dork like that?

  • Amy

    SUCH a goofball. LOVE IT!

  • Ya’ll are Frampheads. Leta and Jon dance the same. It’s pretty adorable.

  • Sandra in BC

    I see where Leta gets her groovy moves from.

  • oh that wasn’t just air guitar right there…that was full out ROCK BAND complete with drums. i dig the passion. i dig the intensity. most importantly i dig the fact that he was playing for the love of his life–the cute honey holding the camera and hopefully a pair of panties suitable to be thrown at his feet.

  • I woulda watched more than 17 seconds of that.

    Leta looks EXACTLY like him.

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