Call for submissions

I am in the process of putting together a holiday gift guide, one for women like myself, one for geeky husbands, one for infants, and one for five-year-old girls who think life is totally unfair. Maybe just some coal for her.

I’m looking for handmade goods, products from small businesses, and would love to see unique things from independent artists. If you’ve seen my style section and think I’d like what you have to offer, please send me a link to your stuff at style at dooce dot com. Note, I do not accept compensation for featuring products on this website, I truly just want to introduce my audience to things I like and think they would enjoy as well.

Please don’t send me naked pictures of yourself, I don’t have any more room in that file.

ALSO! Jon and I are working on putting together a SAFE FOR WORK AND KIDS version of the 2010 Chuck calendar where we trade out the racy picture of Chuck and Coco in February with something a little less unsettling. I knew some of you would love that I included that photo, but I also knew some of you might blush and go ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME. So. That version is coming later today or tomorrow.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program.