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The New Masthead Archive

Jon recently did some upgrades to the code of the website, and for the first time in several years we now have a functioning archive of all the mastheads I’ve ever designed. (You can also get there through the MASTHEADS tab at the top of the page.) It goes all the way back to the first one I ever designed in September of 2001. Not sure I have a favorite one, and as I look back at all of them I’m reminded of so many different stages of my life covered here in these pages. You guys have any suggestions for next month’s tagline?

  • jon

    Ben Durbin did the code for these. I just helped. 🙂


  • TriptikGirl

    I can’t get into specifics, but it’s gotta include butt pillows.

  • Meg

    I second TriptikGirl–took the words as I was typing!

    Perhaps ‘The George Clooney of Butt Pillows’?

  • messilly

    I just made an account for the sole purpose of telling you: I LOVE this masthead. I love most of them, but this may be my favorite. Just keep this one for another month! I’m sure nobody will complain…

  • fatladysings

    April 2010: Cushioning butts everywhere

  • Adrasteia

    Butt Pillow Connoisseur.

    Nuff said.

  • EarlGreyHot

    Juggling Turdballs!

  • hugsNpuppies

    You must be running out of vile hater’s emails if you’re asking us for ideas 😉

    How about “where leprechauns come knocking”? No, too lame….

  • Amber

    I wish I had your design skills. Okay I wish I had your talent in any area from writing to butt pillow selection.

    Here are 2 ideas for the next one:

    Harbinger of Turdballishness


    Brace Your Skull on the Headrest

    I also like Meg’s idea. Though may I suggest an edit as follows: “The George Clooney Butt Pillow of Blogs.”

  • SAJ

    Drinking the haterade since 2001.

  • bambooska

    How about a masthead totally dedicated to Spring? I would love to see that since you’re all waiting for a warmer weather in the northen hemisphere. 🙂

    My goodness, the mastheads are beautiful. Wow. 😀

  • tallnoe

    Wow, you changed like every 2 weeks at the beginning. Impressive. I think you’re muy talented.

    Thanks for the walk through it…

    And, I think butt pillow has to be involved. Or a helmet. Or something along those injured lines.

  • Taratory

    Not Regular

  • Curiosity

    @Taratory – But she IS regular now!

    “Writing since 2001, Regular since 2010”
    “Come for the pillow, Stay for the butt”
    “Sleep is for pussies”
    “Feel the love”
    “Why yes, those are hippos”
    “Like a light spring rain of profanity”

    My brain is not functioning at full speed right now.

    (That last one is a permanent label for my own head, not a tag line for you)

  • blackpanther

    I love the references to Mary J. Blige, Kellis, and Destiny’s Child songs. You just upped your street cred a significant amount. The accountant at my job was wondering why I was smiling at the computer…those mastheads are fucking fantastic.

    Now, I’m outta here..before I get “Dooced.”

  • Taratory

    @ Curiosity: I must have missed that post. Digestion issues aside, I’d still argue that Dooce is anything but regular!

  • LizinVa

    Butt pillows and turdballs and pens (OH MY!)

  • Greta Koenigin

    Ooops. Didn’t read the directions thoroughly and made comment unrelated to April’s tagline. Would have deleted myself into oblivion, but your site wants something in the comment field. Sorry to take up space AND offer no ideas. Hope one of the other 44 help. 🙂

  • Therese

    I’m so glad you did this. I love the option to click on one, and just click-a-dy-click-click to the end of the page. Fantastic.

  • jmiesb

    Have butt pillow will travel! Think of the possibilities! You could even make a theme song the using “The Ballad of Paladin”. If I’m not mistaken Richard Boone (who starred in the TV show “Have Gun Will Travel) was related to Daniel Boone too! A full circle pun. 🙂

  • jem3278

    Wow, that’s just beautiful. When I die, I want to come back as one of your mastheads. 🙂

    p.s. My captcha is “town arsonist” – how did they know??

  • micahmaranda

    I really like the “Brace Your Skull on the Headrest” suggestion.

  • meganithappen

    Brace your skull on the george clooney butt pillow.

  • AmandaBC

    Tag line: Sticking it where the sun does shine.

  • GAgirl

    Some kind of decorating stuff since that’s your latest adventure. If not that then you must do something related to your butt pillow!

  • RoseTattoo

    “Access to health care is a fundamental right, not a privilege”

    Sorry, but I’m giddy with the prospect of healthcare passing.

  • FlushedFace

    I think it should have to do with your new HGTV gig… and all the haters.

    How ’bout your line:

    “An Untrained Plebe”

    That word just makes me laugh. Plebe. HA!

  • rsfishe

    Love the mastheads, it’s awesome to see your design skills progress over so many years!

  • rIAm

    how about




    I am sure more ideas will come to me in the half-sleep time when I am nursing my son… 😛

  • NYCDude

    My Ideas:

    Butt Pillows R Us
    Open 24/7
    Just Add Vodka
    This is not your fathers Oldsmobile
    No animals were harmed in the making of this blog

  • Ex Files Chick

    My Butt Pillow Smells Nicer Than Yours

  • The Christine

    I’m going to have to second / third / fourth / however the F many it was “The George Clooney Of Butt Pillows.”

  • bevskid1

    I love your line: “It’s all giggles, balloons, and pony rides over here.”

  • mommaruthsays

    What The Dooce
    (you know, like Stewie from Family Guy?)

  • Figtron


    Since you have been so prone to injury of late, and you have been mad busy with all the new projects, why not just say:

    “Where Chaos Reigns, and Butts are King.”

  • JoGer0305

    ‘I’m no fool. Are you?’

    That picture of you that you posted, Tweet Party, or whatever it was: I about peed my pants. You guys are something else ;). And I mean that positively.

  • cbaginski

    How about: “Now featuring this face on HGTV” ?

  • specialkrispy


  • MePlayingHouse

    April Showers Bring Doocery – Who Needs Flowers

  • Shanni_O

    What a trip to look back at some of the mastheads, recognize I have seen them before then check the date ! Wow, how the time flies… I think I found you during your kitchen remodel at the previous house. We were doing ours too and I stumbled on your photos.

  • buttonville

    “What fresh Hell is this?” would be a good tag line I think….

  • gavintiegirl

    Tagline suggestion: Home of the growly, screaming, yelling turdball!

    Excuse me if it was mentioned above…I did not read any of them.

    BTW: I am sure you have heard this a thousand times by now, but Marlo is just so freakin cute. I love getting a glimpse of her everyday. She is just so baby brand new, fresh, and cute looking.

    Okay, it’s late and I should probably stop rambling on now. Night night.

  • KathyRo

    I can’t think of any tag lines but I think you should bring back the anal beads from the Jan 2003 masthead.

  • Meranath

    Something with “douchefarmer.”

    A friend of mine said that by accident the other day and I love it.

  • Openshrew

    Picking a bone with my tail. 🙂

  • kustoo

    I am going to go with these:
    Drunk With Power and Soiled in Breastmilk
    The only place on the internet where a Butt Pillow > BMW 3 Series
    The united nation of hippo-acracy

  • leahofdp

    have an idea for masthead, “fully prepared to pop a cap in your ass”.

  • myla

    I had to go back and look through to see the first one I remembered, and it was the daisies from February of 2003. Seven years! I feel like I should send vodka and flowers. Love ya, H. xo

  • L Arnold

    How about, “Tagline goes here.”

  • katmart

    LizinVa said:

    Butt pillows and turdballs and pens (OH MY!)

    Love the turdballnish comments 😀

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