Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

All the times, in all the cities

  • kcalland

    The best part is when he goes all Calm and Assertive on her ass and sends her away. I just want to put him in my pocket and take him home.

  • gretchie

    Cesar on Daily show??? If the Glee cast could have injected a song and dance number with Hugh Laurie during the segment, I would have been complete.

  • MissCaron

    SO GOOD! I can’t believe I missed it… thanks for sharing!

  • marymuses

    Oh, Heather. I love this video so very much. As a brand new adoptive parent, I haven’t had time to keep up with The Daily Show, so it was a treat to see this here. Because that? That was *my state* that only passed that law by 52%, and some people I know and love voted against it. You would not believe how many email forwards I got from a family member trying to convince me that the problem was really that they couldn’t enforce current laws, and that this would only make the small breeder pay. They’re trying to beat down the little guy!

    Then I read the law, and the restriction is that a breeder can only have fifty or fewer breeding dogs. FIFTY. And this does not include the puppies. I don’t know how others do their math, but fifty breeding dogs is not a small dog breeding operation in my book. I voted yes, and I pressed extra hard with my pencil when I filled in that oval. Take THAT, alarmist family members.

  • Mo

    Do you ever think that these people must be actors impersonating assholes, because no one could possibly be this horrible? And then you realize that they are not actors, and that 48% of voters voted for puppy mill rights, and then you need a really tall fruity drink with a lot of rum?

    Me too.

  • Kristi

    @Mo, I am so with you.

    This was wonderful, Heather. Thanks for posting it. I will now share on Facebook. 😀

  • pooptoast

    Things like this make me think, are we the idiots?

    Am I, the person who has spent her life loving and rescuing animals, the idiot… because it’s never going to get better?

    48% of voters voted against it. My God. That number is STAGGERING.

    Mo, I’d like one of those tall fruity drinks with rum, too. Actually, I could use a few of them.

  • jessrin3

    Test test….

    Just testing my commenting tools 😉

  • hockeybrad

    I live in Missouri and just want to drop off this bit of knowledge for those who are not familiar with our state. Kansas City is a “blue” county, and not crazy. St. Louis is a “blue” county and not crazy. Everything else? HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE.

    Great piece by TDS. They do know how to find ’em.

  • VickiG.

    Thanks !!! I’ve not laughed that hard in a long time.

  • Marley-Hooha

    Can someone let me know which episode this is? I can’t see it from Canada. Thanks!

  • jenmax

    @hockeybrad, give props to Columbia, too. They generally go blue, since the U of MO is there.

    Assorted morons in my Facebook feed who opposed this measure either tried to convince me the guidelines would get adapted for cattle and various other barnyard animals, and then MY GOD THERE WILL BE NO FOOD! Or, they said the whole thing was an affront to the right to bear arms/hunt because it would destroy the hunting dog industry.

    Many of us in St. Louis have joked about seceding to Illinois on more than one occasion …

  • RioLee

    Simply wow! LOL

  • Janice

    @jenmax – Oh honey, I live in Illinois, land of trinity of evil, Richie, Blago and Stroger…. I can’t imagine how bad it must be if you want to come here.

  • jenmax

    @Janice Ha! At least it’s blue, I guess …

  • Katie

    I enjoyed the very end where Cesar breaks his neck to check out Olivia’s ass.

  • Amanda Brumfield

    I am so stoked to see Olivia on the Daily Show. Funny stuff.

  • Beaucifer

    Olivia’s a good fit on the Daily Show. It’s hard to see her faux serious after 4 years on AOTS.

  • The Blue Ridge Gal

    Hilarious. Love that Cesar has such a great sense of humor and participated.

  • Fartnarna

    Love this! I also live in Missouri and received several emails warning that this radical proposition would completely eliminate hunting, farming and even puppies. Yes, a vote for this was a vote to eliminate puppies. I’ve got me some crazy, crazy friends. I ignore them but dh loves to get them all riled up.

  • AshesVonDust

    Dear Comedy Central,


    I live in Canada and I wanna see these funny clips. If you cannot let me see them, could you at least make the link to the Comedy network go to the related video?!


    Yeah, I figured as much O_o



  • AshesVonDust
  • knitandpurlsuasion

    I love this!!

  • devilss

    May i make you a proposal editing?

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