Boga Babe

An active dooce community member, wakeandbake, makes adorable mats for newborns and infants so that they have a clean and stylish place to play on the floor. You can read all about the idea behind her business here and see all the fabulous designs here.

Turns out they aren’t just for babies. They make fantastic pet beds as well, and we toss the ones you see here on chairs and sofas if that’s where Chuck or Coco decide to take a snooze. She made sure to send me the mat with the chickens (actually, she sent it to Coco “to remind your mother that had she insisted on having them, that meant she would have to deal with you and your interactions with them, and telling the Internet how her dog mauled a slew of innocent chickens would have probably led to quite a few more swan songs than the fox stole incident.”) Active community members will totally understand that last part.