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How to work from home

I get asked all the time if I’ve learned anything about time management and motivation in terms of working from home. I think in the past few years a lot more people have taken that huge dive over the edge and are now going, wait. There’s no one here to tell me what to do. I have to tell myself what to do. And myself wants to chocolate.

It’s not always easy to keep myself from wandering all over the Internet, from twitter to design blogs to cat videos. OH, CAT VIDEOS. They need to make those things injectable, and then Jon would be all, dude, are you tripping? And I’d be all, I think I may have taken too much Determined Cat Trying To Fit Inside Many Too Small Boxes and OMG JON. YOU HAVE FEATHERS GROWING OUT OF YOUR FACE.

So I decided to make a video of what I do to keep my day from spiraling into pajama bottoms, chips dyed with genetically modified organisms, naps on the floor underneath my desk, and applying for cat adoption. I couldn’t fit everything into a three-and-a-half minute video, so I concentrated on the main points. Other things to consider:

1. If you work with your husband like I do and you have children, make sure you both agree on a custody arrangement. Because divorce is likely. Or, you could do what we do and set aside a large amount of money for therapy.

2. Snack on raw nuts. So much better for you than that entire box of Cap’n Crunch.

3. Having lunch at home saves a ton of money and fuel. It also means you’re not tempted to hop in and catch a matinée. (YOU KNOW YOU WOULD)

4. Just a friendly reminder to brush your teeth.

(FYI, I happen to know Tyrant’s phone number, Y’ALL.)

Many thanks to Citrix Online for sponsoring this video. If you have any tips for how to work from home, please share the learning. Also, maybe we should form a union! So that we can’t just up and decide to fire ourselves!

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it.

  • makfan

    I have been working from home for several years. I love, love, love it.

    The best days for me involve

    1) Getting up and getting dressed as if going to the office. The days that I run around in gym shorts and a t-shirt are less productive.

    2) Thinking about what needs to be done and slotting times for it.

    3) Taking a real lunch break. Although it does save money to eat at home, I need to get out and be around other people for a while. It also keeps me from brining my sandwich to the desk and working another hour, although I sometimes do that on deadline days.

    4) Learning to turn the computer off at a set time. If I have personal work to do on the computer, I switch to my own laptop.

    I do allow myself to take a short nap if I’m tired. I also sometimes haul the laptop off to a coffee shop for a little while if I think a change of scenery will be useful. Not a great idea if I have a lot of reading to do, but OK if I am working on administrative stuff.

    And yeah, today I played hooky after all my morning meetings, because the last few days have been really intense, and we met all our deadlines.

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